May 7, 2015

Thrifty Thursday 5/7/2015

On Thursdays we want to help you save money by sharing the latest deals, coupon codes, and new additions to the outlet section of Cloth Diaper Outlet! Here are some of our favorite ways to save money at Cloth Diaper Outlet this week:

Use code "over40" to get a free diaper cover with all orders over $40!

Sales & Clearance

If your family has as much congestion from springtime allergies as mine, you may need a BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator on sale for $13.50!

Fuzzibunz perfect size cloth diaper in cotton candy, size XS, only $8.95! If you or someone you know is having a baby girl sometime soon, you totally need this. It's recommended for preemies through 4 months old and would be so darling on a brand new baby!!

Whooo needs a super cute new wetbag? Logan+Lenora wetbags are on sale for $14.40!

These melon colored Knickernappies custom fit pocket diapers seem just right for summer and are on sale for (and so are the other colors!).

New Outlet

We have one pair of third quality Superundies pull-on training pants in wild orchid fairy 3xl for $5 due to a hole near the waistband. This could be a fantastic deal for someone willing to do a minor repair!

Gently Used Outlet
There are some fun finds in the used outlet section too, like three WAHM Ai2's for $16.80 each and an amazing variety of covers from great brands like Bummis, Econobum, gPants, Thirsties, Wolbybug, and more, from $3.88 to $13.48! 

Quantities may be extremely limited for outlet and clearance products and we make no guarantees that they are in still in stock by the time you are reading this!

May 4, 2015

May the Fourth Be With You

Can we predict your cloth diaper personality by your favorite Star Wars character? Check out our predictions below and let us know in the comments if yours is a good fit!

If you love R2D2...

You know good things come in small packages, especially small grayish packages with white accents. You'll love Imagine Newborn Diaper in Ring a Ding.

If you love Yoda...

You know there's wisdom in the old ways, and that sometimes the best path is the one your elders took before you. And that the color green is often indicative of awesomeness! Love Diaper service quality Indian prefolds, you will.

If you love C-3PO...

You like clean lines, elegance, and metallics. Lots of metallic. You'll love the Wolbybug Platinum Diaper Cover.

If you love Chewbacca...

You like a cozy, Earthy vibe, and a blue sky above. You'll love the organic BumGenius Elemental in Moonbeam.

If you love Leia...

You know that sometimes something polyester, white, and fitted is just what you need to have strength and endurance while looking sweet. You'll love the Thirsties Duo Fitted in White.

If you love Han...

You play by your own rules and are passionate about flight. You'll love GroVia Snap Cover in Drift.

If you love Luke...

You know that good things happen when you combine the rustic simplicity of a farm with modern technology. You'll love the Wolbybug AIO in Farm.

If you love Vader...

You want a diaper that's dark and edgy like your favorite villain. You'll love Applecheeks envelope cover in Lake Echo (which unstuffs itself in the washer. Perhaps the force at work?!?).

May the Fourth (and the Force!) be with you!