April 1, 2015

Federal Government Bans Cloth Diaper sales in US effective 4/1/2015

You may have wondered why we were so quiet all March. Well, we have been waiting to hear the outcome of some government negotiations regarding cloth diapers. Unfortunately, things did not go in our favor. Effective today, April 1st, 2015, the sale of cloth diapers is banned in the USA. The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Federal Drug Administration are currently in negotiations to determine whether cloth diapers can be allowed in the future, and if so who will govern their regulations (the CPSC regulates baby clothes, baby carriers, and other gear; the FDA regulates cloth menstrual pads and anything else classified as a "medical device"). Cloth Diaper Outlet has filed with a federal judge and been granted a temporary one day injunction against this ban to sell remaining stock. Use code "AprilFools" to get 4% off any order today only.

*PS Please check today's calendar, and do not contact your elected officials!! 
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