February 20, 2015

Cloth Diapers in 60 Seconds: What is an All-in-One?

This post is part of our Cloth Diapers in 60 Seconds series. If you are new to cloth diapering, just beginning to research cloth diapers or simply wanting to expand your knowledge of the different types of cloth diapers and their accessories, you will especially love these posts!

Today we are going to talk all about all-in-one cloth diapers!

An all-in-one (You might sometimes see it abbreviated as "AIO") is a cloth diaper that is all one piece. Generally they have a waterproof outer layer, absorbent layers in the middle, and a stay-dry layer intended to touch baby's skin, and all the layers are sewn together. Because they are all one piece, using them is not very different from using a disposable diaper. 

A clean AIO is basically instantly ready to use. It can go straight from the clean laundry basket to baby's bottom without any additional steps. Then, after use, you'd toss is into the wetbag or diaper pail (follow your standard procedure for dealing with poop on cloth first if applicable)  and from there straight to the laundry. 

In general, people tend to love how easy all-in-one diapers are to use. They tend to be an especially great option for daycare, babysitters, etc who may not be as committed to figuring out cloth as the parents themselves, especially if you get hook & loop ones, but are really convenient for anyone. 

I'd say the cons are that they can sometimes be expensive, depending on the brand, and that they sometimes take longer to dry than some other types of diapers because all the layers are sewn in permanently. They also have somewhat limited adjustability, but this can be alleviated by using booster inserts on top. 

Overall, all-in-one cloth diapers are extremely easy to use and convenient and are a great option for cloth diapering families! You can find adorable all-in-one cloth diapers from BumGenius, Simplex, and Wolbybug at Cloth Diaper Outlet, plus a variety of  brands in the "gently used" section of the outlet store. 

Have you tried an AIO diaper? We would love to hear what you think about them! 

February 19, 2015

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