July 11, 2015

Cloth Diapers Decoded: Inserts, Doublers, and Liners

Cloth diaper lingo can be confusing! But anytime you see the "Cloth Diapers Decoded" logo above, you'll know we are here with a post to help clarify things for you! Have a cloth diaper word, phrase, or expression you'd like us to clarify in a future post? Leave us a comment below and we will do our best to make it happen!

Today is all about what you're putting inside your diaper: do you know the differences between inserts, doublers, and liners?


What it means: An absorbent piece of material (usually several layers of fabric sewn together) to put inside a diaper such as a pocket or hybrid diaper that has waterproof and/or moisture wicking layers but usually no built in absorbency. 
Pros: absorbent
Cons: have to stuff diapers before use



What it means: An absorbent piece of material to add to existing absorbency in a diaper. 
Pros: adds absorbency
Cons: extra expense and can add bulk


What it means: A piece of fabric set in a cloth diaper to serve as a top layer. Often disposable. 
Pros: can protect diapers from being ruined by conventional diaper creams, can make cleaning up poopy diapers easier, can reduce diaper rash
Cons: Added expense and waste if disposable or laundering if reusable