June 13, 2015

Summer fun for babies and toddlers

We posted last week about avoiding diaper rash in summer. So this week we wanted to share some of our favorite ways to have summer fun outdoors with babies and toddlers!

Explore your backyard
Observe an anthill
Chase a bunny
Go to the park
Dig in a sandbox
Play in a water table
Walk to a friend or relative's house
Shoot hoops
Scribble with chalk on the sidewalk
Blow bubbles
Collect seashells
Hike a local trail
Go for a swim
Drive toy cars around the yard or patio
Splash in the sprinkler
Host or attend a play date
Make mud pies
Play catch

A few things to remember...
Babies and toddlers are likely to wear out and/or overheat more quickly than older kids. Be sure to play close attention to signs that your little one is hot and thirsty!
Sunburns are no fun! Use sunscreen, hats and clothes as sun protection, and play in the shade to help reduce odds of your child getting a sunburn. 
Water safe baby carriers like ring slings are an option many families like for keeping a baby safe and snuggly during wading or water play. 
Bug bites can put an itchy damper on summer fun. Try insect repellent bracelets to keep mosquitos at bay!

What's your favorite summer activity for little ones?