June 19, 2015

Cloth Diapers Decoded: Prepping, Stuffing, and Stripping

Cloth diaper lingo can be confusing! But anytime you see the "Cloth Diapers Decoded" logo above, you'll know we are here with a post to help clarify things for you! Have a cloth diaper word, phrase, or expression you'd like us to clarify in a future post? Leave us a comment below and we will do our best to make it happen!

How do you get cloth diapers ready to use? Here is some of the key vocab to know!

What it means: Cloth diapers or inserts containing natural fibers contain oils that prevent full absorbency. Prepping means washing these oils out, usually by washing with laundry detergent on hot about 2-6+ times, but individual manufacturers may provide different instructions for specific products. 
Pros: makes diapers really absorbent and soft
Cons: extra laundry

This is three of the same prefold diaper, one unwashed, one washed one time, and one washed many times. You can see what a difference it makes--the prepped diaper is about doubled in height!

What it means: putting inserts into a pocket diaper or cover so that they are ready to be used
Pros: makes sure inserts are properly placed
Cons: a little time and effort is required

What it means: washing used cloth diapers in a special combination of chemicals to get rid of set in stains, mineral deposits, and all sorts of other gunk
Pros: cleans diapers well, and gives new life to old diapers
Cons: can be hard on diapers (not a good idea to do it frequently), requires some effort and may require buying ingredients you don't normally keep on hand.