April 6, 2015

Cloth Diapers Decoded: Fitted, Sized, and One-Size Diapers

Cloth diaper lingo can be confusing! But anytime you see the "Cloth Diapers Decoded" logo above, you'll know we are here with a post to help clarify things for you! Have a cloth diaper word, phrase, or expression you'd like us to clarify in a future post? Leave us a comment below and we will do our best to make it happen!
We want to start with three types of diapers that sound remarkably similar but are actually quite different! 


What it means: A diaper that is not size adjustable. 
Pros: Awesome fit, easy to use (don't have to figure out which sets of snaps to use), less wear and tear (so may last for more kids than a one-size diaper), available in sizes below and above the range of most one-size diapers
Cons: Not very adjustable, need new stash for each size

One Size

What it means: A diaper that is "one-size fits many/all". Usually has snaps to adjust the rise and the waist, and some even use buttonhole elastic to make the leg hole openings also adjustable. Weight ranges vary by manufacturer and style. 
Pros: Versatile, can be used the entire time your child is in diapers, depending on the kid and the diaper.
Cons: Can be confusing to put on, may endure more wear and tear and therefore last for fewer kids


What it means: A diaper that is shaped like a typical diaper and snaps to fit (or uses hook & loop closure) but consists soley of absorbent material. 
Pros: very absorbent, stays put well, breathable
Cons: no waterproof layer so needs a cover to be waterproof, can be expensive depending on brand

As you can see, these similar sounding types of diapers are actually quite different, and fitteds can be either sized or one-size! If you have more questions about these types of diapers or any others you'd like to see decoded in the future, leave us a comment below!