January 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway

If you're reading this, you probably love cloth diapers...so what better way to celebrate the day of love than by scoring a brand new cloth diaper for the cloth diapering kiddo you love?!? We love you, our readers, so much that Cloth Diaper Outlet will be giving one lucky reader a Wolbybug All-in-One Cloth Diaper  (check out our full review coming later this week to read about how much we love these new diapers!) in your choice of pink monkey print or solid red. 

To enter, share with us what you love about cloth diapering, and use the Rafflecopter form below to make sure all your entries get counted.

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XOXO and good luck!


Do I have to pick one thing? I used disposables with my first and so wish I'd done cloth instead. I love saving money, I love how cute, I love how much better it is environmentally and health-wise.

I love that they are safe for my baby and I never have to run out and get diapers in a pinch!

We love clothdiapering because we save money every month! Also we love that they are eco-friendly and aren't ending up in landfills daily(:

Leaving a lesser environmental footprint! We love to save the money on disposables as well, but our main motivation is being environmentally conscious!

I haven't started using them yet (our first is due in 4 days!) but i love that they are environmentally friendly and will save us some cashola! :)

I love that it saves us money and the diapers are sooo cute!

I think that I'll love how much money they're going to save us.

I love the cost savings, putting fewer diapers into the trash, and putting cloth instead of chemicals on my baby's skin. The fun prints and colors are a great bonus, too!

I love the cuteness factor, and that my daughter doesn't poop out the back of her cloth diapers.

The thing I love most is that I'm not throwing away a ton of diaper trash!

I was just thinking the other day how I never want to use disposables. I had to because of a rash (and I had no liners). I like that I save money, that they're healthier, that they are better for the environment. But mostly because they are so darn cute. :)

I love how cute they are for starters, but I also love how safe they are for my baby's bum

I love that we help save the environment from disposables.

Looking forward to using cloth diapers for baby number two. They are so cute.

i love that my babies dont sit in chemicals all day!!

I want to be able t cloth diaper my daughter because its so much cheaper and better for her.

I love that they are good for your baby and the environment.

I will love how much money it will save us while not irritating my boy's skin near as much as disposable

I love that they are good for the environment, safe for baby, and saving money!

I love that cloth diapers are so much better for the environment. Especially if you buy them used and use natural fabrics!

I havnt started cloth diapering yet im due with my son in may but love that they will be saving us money, that they are comfy and safe for baby, and better for environment.

Haven't started but I know it will be nicer on my baby and so cute.

I haven't had the chance to start yet, but baby is on the way! I love that it is so much better for the environment, better for my wallet, and better for baby at the same time! 500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose.... disgusting...

Due in May, but i'm excited about the $$ savings, as well as environmental friendliness!

I love how cute they are and the money I will save. I hated spending money on disposable diapers. Also every time I changed my LO I felt sick just thinking of the land fields. Now I won't have to feel guilty anymore. Can't wait for baby#2 to come so I can start CDing. I'm already addicted.

I love that they're better for the environment and how cute they are.

Love all the fun prints, saving money and helping the environment.

I love the money saved the adorable prints and the organic materials. Geeze everything about them ROCKS!

I love the money it is going to save me and my family!

Cute prints, healthier,for baby and eco friendly :)

picking just one thing to love is nearly impossible. I love that they are nice on my pocket book! Even with using the occasional disposable I still saved a ton of money and her bum looked far cuter!

Love they protect my baby protect enviroment and are so stinking cute!!!

I love that it's so much better for my babies skin. And it's super cute ;)

I love saving so much money and not filling the landfills with a ton of diapers!

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I love all the different prints, saves me a ton of money and its environmentally friendly

I'm due to have baby boy #3 on Feb. 23rd. This will be my first time cloth diapering and would love to win to add another brand/style to my growing stash.

I love how much money I've saved (especially since I've won and been given some cloth) over buying disposables.

environmentally friendly and safer for baby

I just had a baby so starting to cloth diaper soon. I love saving money!

I love that cloth diapers keep our landfill just a little bit cleaner. I can do my part as a human so clean up our earth.

I love that they are good for the environment!

We love how economical, easy, and cute they are!

I like not making so much garbage ugh. And saving so much money using them on multiple children.

I love how cute they are! Plus they save so much money! Wish I would've started cloth diapering when I had my first baby.

They are super cute and work as swim diapers too!

I love that cloth diapers are environmentally friendly and adorable! They have also made me re-evaluate other areas of my life where I can reduce waste.

I love contributing less to landfills and saving money.

Love that they function better than disposables, save me money, good for environment, and so cute!

I love that it saves us money (our main reason for starting to use cloth) but I also love that it's better for my kids and the environment.

Finally giving CD a try & I love not seeing money & materials going to the landfield

I haven't gotten to use any of my cloth diapers yet since baby isn't due until June, but I like them because they are better for the environment and of course, baby!

So excited to try them for our first baby and save so much money! They're also so cute! No pants required... my favorite!

I love that cloth diapering is better for my baby, the environment, and my wallet! Plus they are so much cuter! :)

I love that they are so stinking cute!! (and they are great for hand-me-downs!)

I love that I'm not filling up trash cans with disposables every day and I love the different prints!

that they are safe for my baby and the earth gotta start somewhere! =)

I love cloth because it limits my impact on landfills while keeping chemicals off my baby's bottom.

Well...after trying to find something that works for my babies sensitive bum..I thought I'd try cloth diapering and I am SO GLAD I did. Not only are they environmentally friendly, cost-effective, but they're SO STINKIN' CUTE!! Now I have encouraged all my friends to start CD-ING and tell all the new mom's I know about it too.