January 27, 2015

Indoor Winter Fun with Babies, Toddlers, & Preschoolers

While we hope the groundhog was wrong yesterday about how much longer winter will last, we do know there are  still many cold days and rainy days ahead for most of us before warm weather is here to stay. Here are a few of our favorite ways to entertain kids inside on days when the weather makes going outside a bummer: 

Playdough-Check Pinterest for about 10 billion great diy recipes. My personal fave is a really salty one so the saltiness deters babies from eating it!
Fort building-blankets, couch cushions, pillows, wraps, and more can all be useful for this!
Obstacle course-Have kids help design the course to practice their engineering skills, and time them so they can do it over and over trying to beat their own personal best time!
Dance party-We turn on Disney or Sesame Street channel on iTunes Radio and jam out!
Bake cookies-Let your kids practice measuring and pouring and reap the deliciousness!
Put on a play-We especially love to do "the Gingerbread Man" using an actual gingerbread cookie as a prop (and everyone wants to be the fox!)
Alphabet scavenge hunt-Could also do shapes or colors for kids not ready for letters!
Board games-Candyland, Uno, matching games, and more can fill a blustery afternoon. 
Stuffed animal picnic-clear a space to have an indoor picnic, spread out a blanket, bring lots of stuffed animals, and eat your lunch (or a snack) on the floor!
Bathtub pool party-put on swimsuits and play in the bathtub!
Simon Says-This classic game gets kids moving but not wildly or out of control. Total win! 
Movie and popcorn-For extra fun, build cardboard box "cars" and make it a drive-in!
Basement rummage sale-Let your kids "buy" your old toys with pennies you give them. 
Hide and seek-Babies can be on a "team" with mom
Crab races-Your kids will giggle, and you might feel it in your abs and legs the next day!
Pretend to be zoo animals-We especially love doing this while listening to the song "animal action"!

What are your favorite ways to have fun indoors during cold weather?