August 4, 2014

Both Snap and Aplix Closure Diapers Have Their Benefits, Which do you choose?

Snap or Aplix Closure Diapers, Which do you choose?

No matter what type of cloth diaper you choose - prefolds and covers, pockets, all-in-ones, or a hybrid system - there is one universal choice that needs to be made. What closure should you use - snaps or aplix?  Here are some benefits of both to help you make the decision.


Snaps excel in durability. Most often made of plastic, they rarely show wear and tear and are designed to last for years. Unlike aplix with laundry tabs that need to be secured before washing, there are no special preparations for laundering cloth diapers with snap closures. There is also no concern about creating snags on other diapers during the wash cycle or drying, which can happen despite best efforts to secure velcro tabs. Snaps are also the most secure closure. They are not easily removed, which is a good thing if you have a toddler who would rather go without a diaper! Additionally, some moms prefer the cleaner look of snaps, as  most snaps match or compliment the color or print of the diaper.


Aplix excels in ease of use. Hook and look closures make diaper changes quick, which is important when babies become mobile and don't want to lay still for diaper changes. Fast diaper changes are also desirable for those middle of the night changes. Aplix is also easier for caregivers to use as they are similar to disposables in terms of putting them on and taking then off. Many cloth diapering families prefer hook and loop closures because they can get a better fit. Unlike snap closure diapers that have predetermined locations for fastening, aplix diapers can be secured anywhere along to belly panel strip to obtain a customized fit for your child.

Each closure offers its own unique benefits. You may find you prefer all of one kind or even a mix of the two!

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