June 16, 2014

Flushable Cloth Diaper Liners - How they Work & Why You Should Try Them

flushable liners

One of the biggest questions from people considering cloth diapers is "what about the poop?" One popular answer to this question is "flushable liners!"

Biodegradable liners like Imagine or Grovia's Bioliners make the transition to solid foods an easy one.

grovia bioloners

Lay a liner inside a clean diaper, then put on baby as usual. Liquids pass through the liner, but solids are caught. When you change the diaper, simply dispose of the liner in the garbage or toilet (use caution with septic tanks or older plumbing systems.)

Babies who have a predictable bathroom schedule can use the liners at changes where poop is expected, eliminating the need to rinse.

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