June 4, 2014

These 3 Accessories Make Cloth Diapering Easy

Looking for ways to make cloth diapering easier?

There are lots of great cloth diapering accessories available, but these three make cloth diapering easy:

cloth wipes
1. Cloth Wipes - Cloth wipes are available in materials from simple flannel to luxurious bamboo. Simplify your diapering routine by making both your diapers and wipes reusable. Cloth wipes make great hand & face wipes too!

wipes solution
2. Baby Bum Drops - These little drops dissolve in water to make a gentle but effective wipes solution. Pour over wipes, or use in a squirt bottle. One package makes 50 cups of wipes solution, saving you money.

diaper inserts
3. Extra inserts - As your baby grows, you might find yourself needing extra absorbency. Having extra inserts on hand makes it easy to add absorbency, whether it's for nap time, night time, or every day.

What is your must have cloth diapering accessory?