March 25, 2014

Product Spotlight: Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer

If solid foods are in your near future, a diaper sprayer should be too! Diaper sprays make diaper laundry a breeze! Just remove the diaper from your baby, spray the waste into the toilet, and flush! No messy dunking and swishing or keeping up with some kind of tool to scrape the poop away. The Knickernappies sprayer is just the tool you need to make your life easier!

  • Brass fittings (instead of plastic) for long-term wear and tear
  • Sturdy supply hose that won't bust or leak
  • Complete shut-off valve
  • One year warranty!
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Wall bracket (or use it to hook the sprayer to the side of your toilet)

This easy to install sprayer is very well made and at only $43.99, the Knickernappies diaper sprayer is a great price compared to other sprayers! The shut-off valve prevents messes from curious children or accidental sprays. You control the water pressure by pressing more or less on the trigger.

The best part about this diaper sprayer is it will last you well past your cloth diapering years! There are tons of uses for your sprayer! Make washing the dog, potty training, or cleaning your bathroom a breeze with the help of your diaper sprayer!