July 30, 2014

TEN Alternate Uses for Cloth Wipes (Besides wiping butts!)


10 Alternate Uses for Cloth Wipes

Cloth wipes are easy to use, make diaper changes more efficient (no need to worry about separating disposable wipes from your diapers), and are gentler on your baby and the environment. But diaper changes aren’t the only time that cloth wipes can come in handy. Here are some other uses for cloth wipes you may not have thought of!

1. Face and Hand Wipes – Cloth wipes are not only great at cleaning bottoms, they work just as well on little faces and hands. Disposable wipes often contain chemicals that can irritate delicate skin. Just a little bit of water on a cloth wipe is all it takes!

2. Spot Cleaning on the go – A few cloth wipes in a purse or diaper bag can be invaluable when messes happen out of the house. Whether clothing or a carseat, you will be glad to have cloth wipes on hand when you’re out.

3. Make up Remover – Cloth wipes are a gentle way to remove make up without needing to toss countless tissues or cotton balls in the trash.

4. Reusable napkins – It is estimated that each American uses 2000+ paper napkins a year. Cloth wipes are a great alternate to paper napkins by reducing household trash and saving money.

5. Extra absorbency – Need a little absorbency boost? A few cloth wipes folded and placed inside a pocket or under the soaker of an AIO could be the solution!

6. Tissues – What’s worse than a rough tissue on a red, raw nose? Cloth wipes are a soft and gentle way to wipe runny noses.

7. Washcloths – Cloth wipes can clean hands, faces, and bottoms outside of the bathtub, so why not in the bathtub!

8. Family cloth –Globally, the production of toilet paper reportedly requires 27,000 trees daily. Switching to reusable family cloth not only saves money, but the environment as well.

9. Dust rags – Instead of using old rags or paper towels to polish furniture or dust shelves, why not use cloth wipes? They are great for getting into all those nooks and crannies and can be thrown in the wash with the rest of the household laundry.

10. Cleaning computer/TV screens – Paper towels can be damaging to monitor/TV screens or the screens on touchscreen phones and tablets. Cloth wipes are a gentle way to get those screens clean without the risk of scratches.

These are only a few alternative uses for cloth wipes; the possibilities are endless! I hope you got some ideas from this post of new ways to incorporate cloth wipes into your home!