February 12, 2014

Things you may not know about pocket diapers!

Is there anything YOU do not know about pocket diapers?

Pocket diapers are the most popular style of modern cloth diapers. There may be a few things you didn't know about your pocket diapers.

Did you know....

You don't have to use the inserts that came with the diaper! Most pocket diapers come with inserts, usually microfiber. If you aren't a fan of microfiber or are tired of taking the time to match the correct insert to the right diaper, You can mix and match your diaper inserts or you can completely replace them with things like hemp inserts or flats. 

If you need more absorbency, you can use two inserts or you can add a doubler to one insert to boost the absorbency! 

You can use them as swim diapers! Remove the insert and let your baby wear your pocket diapers to the pool or beach. *Be sure to check with the manufacturer of your diapers. Some brands recommend using diapers for swimming, while it may void the warranty of others. 

You can use them as covers! Are you tired of stuffing diapers? Use flats, prefolds, or other inserts (anything but microfiber) on top of the pocket instead of inside! 

What tips and tricks do you have for pocket diapers?