July 19, 2013

PCOS to Pregnancy: What not to say to a woman struggling with infertility

In all the years we've spent dealing with infertility, I've heard it all. Some people know our full situation and other's don't. You encounter so many people's thoughts and opinions on your situation. Some of them are helpful, some are hurtful, and some will just make you full of rage! I realize that putting my personal life out of the internet, I'm opening the door for comments, but even before I blogged, I heard it all from everyone. Let's break down what I've come face to face with over the years:

"I don't know what to tell you, I'm just a Fertile Myrtle!"
This comment is one of the worst and one that makes me the maddest! Another variation of this is..."we just decide to get pregnant and it happens." If you have said this to someone struggling to get pregnant, please stop now and promise to never say it again. Your comment isn't helpful and all is does it remind me that I'm not blessed and lucky like you.

"Just stop trying and it will happen"
Okay, so yes, this has happened for some people. Sure, stress doesn't help the situation, but I have a medical condition. When you don't have periods or ovulate, just winging it isn't going to bring the best results. Yes, miracles happen, I know, but the chances of me getting pregnant on my own verses a completely normal, healthy woman are slim.

I think this one hurts the most. When you have friends and family that know your situation but never want to talk to you about it, it hurts. I spend a lot of my time crying over our situation. It would be helpful if these people acted like they cared. I realize that you may not know what to say, so you think saying nothing is best, but I promise, a hug, an "I love you", an "I'm sorry", anything to make you think you really cared about what I'm going through would be better than nothing.

The next one is an actual I comment I received from one of you...
"*hugs* I didn't have any hurdles when we were trying and it was hard for me to be patient. I can't imagine what you are going through. I hope you get positive news at your appointment."
In that comment, I felt her hug and love for me! I've never even met her and I felt like she really cared. She said she didn't have any hurdles, but she said it in a way that wasn't insensitive. She found a way to relate to me as a woman yearning for a baby and used that as a connection. This comment is just proof that even if you don't struggle with infertility, there are still ways you can have a conversation with someone who does.

In the midst of all the negative or hurtful comments, I have received such an outpouring of love and prayers from so many of you. Thank you! I really hope that this series has been helpful for those of you struggling with infertility and eye opening to those of you who don't struggle with it. Perhaps it will make it easier for you to love on someone struggling.

I'm Jenny, the mama behind the blog Cloth Diaper Revival.   I'm a stay at home mom to Noah and a wife to Chas, the cloth diapering dad.  I used to be a 3rd grade teacher until I was blessed with the birth of my first child, Noah. I'm currently trying to conceive my second child while struggling with infertility due to PCOS. This series covers my journey and my experiences along the way.

July 17, 2013

Making the switch to reusable menstrual products!

You've made the switch to cloth diapers, so why not make the switch to a reusable product for yourself? While it may sound intimidating (and maybe a little gross), I promise once you make the switch, you'll be so thankful!

Reusable Menstrual Pads

These are sometimes referred to as "mama cloth". These cloth pads come in a variety of sizes and absorbency, as well as organic materials or synthetic for a stay dry feel. You can store your cloth in a small wet bag and just wash after each use.

Menstrual Cups

If you are already comfortable with using tampons, you should give the menstrual cup a try! These cups are made from medical grade silicone and will hold up to 12 hours of your flow before needing to be emptied! When properly using a cup, you may find you even forget you are on your period! Is there anything better than that?

By making the switch to one or both of these reusable products, you'll be avoiding harmful and harsh chemicals and will likely notice a difference in how you feel about your period!

July 16, 2013

Trophy Tuesday: Win Smart Snugs Inserts and save 15% when you order this week!

trophy Tuesday

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trophy Tuesday

Smart Snugs Cloth Diaper Inserts The two outer super-soft layers of these bamboo diaper inserts are fabricated of bamboo cotton and the inner three absorbent layers are a microfiber material that will soak up a lots of liquid.
Material Outer two layers: 100% bamboo cotton outside Inner three layers: 100% polyester based-microfiber inside
Size 5" x 13"
What are the benefits of bamboo? Bamboo cotton is excellent for babies with extremely sensitive skin. Bamboo is grown without using pesticides or chemicals. The inherent properties of bamboo fabric include odor prevention and natural antimicrobial elements.

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July 15, 2013

Cloth Diapering Accessories that will make life easier for you!

Cloth diapering can be overwhelming at first. Not only must you decide on which diapers to use, but then you have to figure out how to use them and what else you need. Here's a list of some cloth diaper accessories that will make life easier for you!

Doublers! If you are looking to boost the absorbency on a diaper but don't want the added bulk of a second insert, try a doubler. Doublers are trim and absorbent options to keep your heavy wetter from leaks in between diaper changes.

Diaper Sprayer! If worrying about dealing with the poop is one of the biggest concerns you have about cloth diapering, consider getting a diaper sprayer! They are easy to use and worth the investment.

Flushable Liners! If a sprayer doesn't interest you, give flushable liners a try! These are also great for on the go or using cloth diapers while on vacation.

Cloth Diaper Safe Cream! Rashes and redness happen, but you don't want to reach for a mainstream diaper cream for use with your cloth diapers. This can void warranties and cause a lot of work for you trying to get it out of your diapers! Keep a container of cloth diaper safe diaper cream on hand at all times.

Wet Bags! I truly believe you can never have too many wet bags! Keep one in the car, in the diaper bag, for storing dirty diapers at home. You can use them for more than just cloth diapers too!

What cloth diapering accessory is on your must have list?