February 7, 2013

What's the scoop on Wool Dryer Balls?

When using cloth diapers, you have to give up using things like fabric softener and dryer sheets. You may find yourself missing the softness of our clothes. Or maybe you want to reduce the amount of time it takes to dry a load of clothes in your dryer. By reducing the dry time, you could save your family money on your electricity bill. So what do you do when you need softer laundry or more efficient dry time? Try wool dryer balls!

Wool dryer balls are balls of felted wool. They are about the size of a tennis ball.  They circulate in the dryer with your laundry. The wool absorbs the moisture from your laundry, reducing dry time by 10-25%. The more dryer balls you use, the better! The dryer balls help separate laundry while tumbling around in your dryer, allowing the air to circulate. Your clothes will dry faster and you won't need to run your dryer for as long.

LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls are made by hand using 100% local wool from Maine. They help reduce static, naturally soften your clothes, and will reduce your dry time! Start with three balls in your laundry and add more for even more efficiency!

February 6, 2013

Trophy Tuesday: Win a Wolbybug Wetbag or save 15% off them this week!

Today's Trophy Tuesday is a good one!  You can NEVER have too many wetbags and this week we're giving you an opportunity to win a great one!
We are so proud of our Wolbybug Wet Bags that we named them after our children!  Mixing the nicknames of our two kids (ages 1 and 6) gave us the name Wolbybug and we're happy to introduce the first product in the Wolbybug line...wet bags! 

Our wet bags are generously sized to accommodate several diapers (4-6 including wipes) yet small enough to easily fold up into the diaper bag without taking too much space.  16.5" x 11.5"

Each Wolbybug wet bag includes an elastic loop so it can hang from your wrist, bathroom hook, changing table, etc. 

Made from a single layer so you don't have to put them back together after washing.

Win It!  Enter to win a Wolbybug Wetbag in the color or print of your choice by entering our giveaway via the Rafflecopter form below.  Open to the USA & Canada.

Sale!  Save 15% off the order of a Wolbybug Wetbag this week when you shop at Cloth Diaper Outlet!

This giveaway is open to the USA & Canada.  Winners have 7 days to claim their prize and all winning entries will be verified.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

February 5, 2013

Winner of our Baltic Amber Necklace Giveway is...

Last week's Trophy Tuesday Giveaway has ended.  Thank you all for entering.

We gave you all a chance to win a Knickernappies Baltic Amber Teething Necklace and the lucky winner has been chosen.

Congrats to Sarah H!  Sarah has already been emailed.

Everyone else, please check back later for your next opportunity to enter and win!