December 19, 2013

How to survive the holiday chaos with cloth diapers!

The holidays are here and life may be a little crazy! With all the cooking, shopping, traveling, and other things going on you may be tempted to put away your cloth diapers for the season. Here's a few tips to get you through the holidays.

1. Don't feel guilty!
If you need to cheat on your cloth diapers to keep your all means, do it! It's more important that you create memories and enjoy time with your family than it is for you to be worrying about when you'll get the next load of cloth diapers washed.

2. Consider disposable inserts
If you really, really want your baby to stay in your cloth diapers, consider using hybrid diapers with disposable inserts. You'll still get the outer look (and cuteness) of cloth, but the convenience on disposables on the inside.

3. Flushable liners to the rescue!
If you are sticking with your cloth diapers, but will be away from your diaper sprayer over the holidays, make your life easier with flushable liners.

4. Add doublers!
Nothing is worse than raving about your cloth diapers to your friends and family, only to have your baby leak all over the place. Even though you know this isn't the norm, everyone else will think cloth diapers don't work. Double stuff your diapers or add a doubler to boost the absorbency. This will help when life is crazy at family events and you may forget to change your baby on schedule.

5. Use easy diapers!
If you want your family to help you take care of your baby while you're visiting, bring along cloth diapers that are easy to use. Friends and family that aren't familiar with cloth will be more willing to help if you hand them a diaper that works similar to a disposable diaper. All in ones and pockets are much less intimidating than prefolds or flats.

Will you be traveling with your cloth diapers this holiday season?