November 20, 2013

Trade in and trade up: How to trade in your used diapers!

Sometimes you don't love your cloth diapers. That brand may not be a good fit. You may be bored with the print. You may have purchased a whole stash of pockets only to find you hate stuffing them. You may want to switch out all of your synthetic fibers for natural fibers. Unfortunately you've made the investment and you feel stuck.

Good news! You have a way out! You can trade in your diapers and trade up for what you love! Send us the diapers that aren't working for you. We'll purchase them, give you store credit, and you can buy all the diapers you've been drooling over!

How it works:
1. Take a look at our trade-in value chart. We accept diapers, inserts, and accessories!
2. Wash your diapers and inspect them for dirt, lint, and stains. 
3. Mail them to us!
4. We'll inspect your trade-ins and send you a store credit within 3 days. 
5. Go shopping! Use your store credit for anything you want in our store!

For more information, check our Trade in page on our website. 

Now what are you waiting for? Start sorting through your stash!