November 21, 2013

Successful cloth diapering at night

Whether your baby is sleeping through the night or you are finding it hard to change diapers during middle of the night feedings, you want to find a way to successfully use your cloth diapers at night. Nothing is more frustrating than to wake up to a soaked baby and soaked bedding. Using cloth diapers at night is possible, even with the heaviest of wetters.

Here are some suggested solutions:
Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter - If you are looking for a diaper that keeps the wetness off of your baby, but is absorbent enough to last all night, the Goodnight Heavy Wetter is the diaper for you! The XL inserts are designed just for nighttime diapering. 

Super Do inserts - These absorbent inserts can be stuffed in your pocket diapers. They contain 6 layers of bamboo terry combined with 2 layers of microfiber. This combo is more absorbent than using 2 microfiber inserts together. 

Doublers - Add a doubler to your daytime diapers. They can really boost the absorbency and help your baby get the extra absorbency they need. 

Wool or Fleece Soakers - Wool and fleece soakers help keep your baby's pajamas and bed dry! Use them in place of other diaper covers. They are only as good as what's underneath though, so you'll need a good base to get started. 

Remember, what works for one baby, may not work for your baby, but there is a solution out there for you!