October 16, 2013

Out with the OLD prints and IN with the NEW!

It happens. Sometimes your favorite diaper companies discontinue your favorite colors, prints, and styles. It's hard to say goodbye. You may find yourself needing to stock up while you can. It's scary to know you may never be able to find that color or print again. Here are some the goodbyes we must say this year:

GroVia is discontinuing four prints and two colors this year! Say goodbye to the following:

bumGenius is discontinuing three prints and four colors! Say goodbye to these lovely babies:

Never fear! The good news about saying goodbye is there is new stuff coming! Dry your tears and wait anxiously for the announcements! In the mean time, say hello to these new prints from WolbyBug!

What are you saddest to see go? What are you hoping to see new?