September 16, 2013

Cloth 101: What is a pocket diaper?

Welcome to the world of cloth diapering! Are you confused by the amount of information you find when researching cloth diapers? It can be incredibly overwhelming at first, but it's not as hard as you think!

One of the most used types of modern cloth diapers are pocket diapers. Read for more information on what a pocket diaper and how to use it!

Pocket diapers are similar to using a disposable diaper. The difference is, you wash a the cloth diaper.

There are two components to pocket diapers.
1. Waterproof outer shell
2. Absorbent insert that stuffs into the shell

Once washed and ready to use, you simply fasten the diaper onto your baby. When soiled, you remove the diaper, dispose of the waste, pull out the absorbent insert and wash. After each wash you'll stuff the insert back into the pocket opening and use again!

Most pocket diapers are sold with inserts included. You can use the inserts provided or you can stuff just about any absorbent material into the pocket. If you find that one insert does not absorb enough for your child, you can add a second insert or a doubler.

Many pocket diapers keep your baby feeling dry by wicking the moisture away with the inside lining.

Have you tried pocket diapers?