September 23, 2013

All About Diaper Covers!

Many modern cloth diapers have the waterproof layer sewn into the diaper, but if you are looking to use diaper covers! Diaper covers can be used again, without washing in between uses in most cases. There are a few different styles.

Rinse and wipe clean: These covers are not lined with any interior fabric. You can wipe the inside out in between uses and use again. Some brands have flaps inside the front (and sometimes the back) to hold the diaper in place. You can purchase these covers in sized styles, like Thirsties, or one-size styles that grow with your baby.

Lined covers: These covers are lined with a fabric. The PUL/TPU will not be exposed against your baby's skin. These covers can still be reused before washing as long as the inner layer has not been soaked or soiled.

Snap-in covers: Some brands of diaper covers, like GroVia, contain snaps on the inner layer. This is so you can snap in an insert to keep the diaper in place. After each use, just change the insert, but reuse the cover.

Tip! If you are using disposable diapers, but tired of leaks and blowouts, a cloth diaper cover can really help! Just fasten a cover over your disposable diaper.