August 3, 2013

You might be a cloth diaper addict if...

You might be a cloth diaper addict if...

  • you have enough diapers to last you more than a week without washing.
  • you started cloth diapering to save money, but have passed the savings threshold. 
  • you collect limited edition prints.
  • you've started a newborn stash for a baby that isn't conceived.
  • your child is potty training and you still buy more diapers.
  • you love doing diaper laundry.
  • you take your baby out in just a t-shirt so you can show off the cute cloth! 
  • you look for any opening in a conversation to bring up cloth diapers.
  • your Facebook newsfeed is full of cloth diaper pages.
  • you teach your child colors like "Twilight, Dazzle, and Ribbit" instead of blue, purple and green.
  • you spend your free time window shopping for cloth diapers on the internet. 
  • you plan ways to convert all your friends to cloth diapers. 
  • you have dreams that involve cloth diapers. 
  • you spend more time chatting with other cloth diapering moms online than talking to your real friends. 

What else can we add to the list?


Even though a family member is trying to start a cloth diaper business, you continue to enter giveaways and try to wrangle husband to buy more.