August 24, 2013

Which style of cloth diapers should you choose?

No matter what reason you're choosing to cloth diaper, there's a diaper that will fit your needs!

Looking to save money
If you're choosing to cloth diaper for financial reasons, you'll want budget friendly diapers. The best option for you is flats or prefolds with covers! These diapers are easy to care for, easy to use, and very inexpensive! These durable diapers will last through multiple children.

Want something as easy as disposables diapers
If you are looking for a diaper that will work almost exactly like a disposable diaper, but you just don't throw it away, try all-in-one (AIO) diapers! These diapers are ready to go straight out of the wash! No extra steps before use.

A diaper that fits multiple children
Do you have two or more children in diapers? Try one-size diapers! These diapers can fit both your toddler and infant. One-size (OS) diapers come in various styles.

You want the choice of both disposable and cloth diapers
If you find that there will be times that disposable diapers are more convenient for you, try hybrid diapers! Hybrid diapers have a cloth outer shell with the option of cloth or disposable inserts.

Not sure where to start
If you still aren't sure what type of diaper to start with, go with pocket diapers. Pockets are easy to use and care for and are the gateway diaper for most parents making the switch to modern cloth diapers.

What style of diaper fits best for your family?