August 29, 2013

Fight bugs the natural way with these natural insect repellants!

I'll admit, I'm not a big fan of the outdoors, particularly in the summer. It's hot here in the south. The humidity is awful and worst of all, the mosquitos love me! Unfortunately I was blessed with a little boy that loves to play outside. He loves it and would spend all day outdoors if I would give in to his begging. Earlier in the summer, I pulled out all of his outdoor toys, pulled up a comfy chair in the shade and sprayed us both down with bug spray for a little fun in the backyard.

After playing for a while, he came to see me for a sip of water. He grabbed his sippy cup, which was laying next to me in the chair and pulled...ouch! It was stuck to my skin! When he pulled that cup away, it was worse that pulling off a band-aid! I thought it was odd, but didn't give it much thought. After spending sometime outside, we came in to cool off. I sat down in one of our dining chairs. When I tried to get up, I realized I was stuck! My leg was glued to the seat of the chair! As I slowly pulled my leg away, I could see my skin pulling and stretching, torn between being attached to my body and stuck to the chair. After a few seconds of panic, I ripped myself away, losing skin in the process.

My next step was to throw my toddler and myself into the shower and scrub away every inch of bug spray left on our bodies. Then I tossed the nasty, awful bug spray in the trash! Unfortunately, no bug spray isn't a option...the mosquitoes love us too much! So, I began researching a few new options. 

Bug Blocker is a 100% natural bug spray that's safe for the whole family. It doesn't contain DEET or other nasty chemicals. I don't think I'll be stuck to any chairs with this stuff! 

Mosquitno BandZzz for adults and kids are another great solution! These silicone wrist bands are infused with citronella oil. They are also DEET free! 

What natural ways do you fight bugs when outside?