July 30, 2013

What to look for when choosing training underwear

Potty training can be an exciting time for your child! There are many ways to do it, but choosing the correct training underwear can really help you have success!

Pull up style - Being able to pull up and down the trainer is key! With a regular cloth diaper, your child will most likely need to lay down to put the diaper back on. This is really inconvenient when you are away from home. A pull up style also makes it easier for your child to learn to do it for himself!

Side snaps - Side snapping trainers are perfect for those times when accidents happen. The snaps make it easier for you to remove the trainer without smearing the mess all down your child's leg.

A little bit of absorbency - If you switch from diapers to straight underwear, you will have to deal with the puddles that come with accidents. A trainer usually has a tiny bit of absorbency so your child won't flood the floor. The right trainer won't hold a ton and you'll be able to tell almost immediately that your child has missed his potty opportunity without you having to clean up a huge mess!

Adjustable absorbency - If you can adjust the absorbency of the diaper, you can make it work for all types of situations! Add an extra absorbent layer for naps and nighttime as needed.

Ability to feel wet - You want your child to know when they've had an accident. It's part of the learning process. So look for a trainer that lets your child feel the wetness.

How long did it take your little one to potty train? How old were they?