July 23, 2013

Trophy Tuesday: Win Super Undies Training Pants or save 15% when you order this week!

trophy Tuesday

This week's Trophy Tuesday Giveaway is a pair of Super Undies Training Pants!

trophy Tuesday

Super Undies training pants are available in snap on, pull on or nighttime underwear styles.
Super Undies Training Pants are completely waterproof through the wet zone, but made with super stretchy side tabs for easy on and off action. This makes them very versatile and super easy to use! Super Undies Potty Training Pants have a layer of micro-fiber built in, making them suitable as a trickle trainer. An added pass through pocket that runs strategically from the front to the back, allowing you to customize your absorption. They make the child feel wet when there has been an accident.

Trainers are available in sizes to fit children from 2-5 years old, and night time undies fit children up to 14 years old!

This week we're giving you a chance to win any style Super Undies Training Pants in your choice of in-stock style and color.

There are many easy ways to enter via the Rafflecopter form below.  Click >MORE< to view the form below this post.

Win It!  Enter to win Super Undies Training Pants below.

On Sale!  Shop for Super Undies this week only and save 15% when you order a Super Undies at Cloth Diaper Outlet! a Rafflecopter giveaway


I'd get the original Pull-On training pants (hopefully in Caped Canary)

I like the Pocket Style Pull Up Trainers in Caped Canary or Infared Racer

I'd pick the nighttime underwear

I'd love to have the Super Undies Pull-on Training Pants in Wild Orchid Fairy. :)

I can't believe wer're already here! I love a pair of the nighttime Super Undies. I hear they are perfection!

Pull Up Trainers in Caped Canary

I would pick the night time as well :)

id get the pull ons in Coral Sea Maiden

i'd get the infrared racer pull-ons! thank you for the great giveaway! we definitely need some good training pants!
beth c

I would get the Pull-on Training Pants in Infrared Racer!

I would pick the nighttime underwear.

I think I would like the snap-on,
doan b

boys trainer size small or med in any design

I think I'd choose the original in Blue Bandit!

I would pick nighttime underware.

We would love the daytime trainers in the lovely orange combo.

I would pick the wild orchid fairy.

I like the snap on super undies.

I would like to try the pull ups in blue bandit
sunniewoodyplus2 atmsn.com

I'd pick the pull up training pants in blue bandit

I would pick the night time:)

I would do the nighttime in Blue

Katie R

I would love to try the nighttime trainers. We love the snap on pockets, but haven't tried a cloth night trainer yet. That would be super! :)