July 16, 2013

Trophy Tuesday: Win Smart Snugs Inserts and save 15% when you order this week!

trophy Tuesday

This week's Trophy Tuesday Giveaway is two Smart Snugs 5 layer bamboo/microfiber inserts!

trophy Tuesday

Smart Snugs Cloth Diaper Inserts The two outer super-soft layers of these bamboo diaper inserts are fabricated of bamboo cotton and the inner three absorbent layers are a microfiber material that will soak up a lots of liquid.
Material Outer two layers: 100% bamboo cotton outside Inner three layers: 100% polyester based-microfiber inside
Size 5" x 13"
What are the benefits of bamboo? Bamboo cotton is excellent for babies with extremely sensitive skin. Bamboo is grown without using pesticides or chemicals. The inherent properties of bamboo fabric include odor prevention and natural antimicrobial elements.

This week we're giving you a chance to win two Smart Snugs inserts.

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I love Bamboo. It seems to work really well for my son who isn't what I would call a heavy wetter, but he is a rapid "pee"er. If that makes any sense. I really like the Smart Snugs that I have, but they seem to wear really fast.

I like bamboo because it is so soft.

I've never tried bamboo and would love to .

Have yet to try bamboo, but I like that it has antimicrobial properties and is such a sustainable resource.

I have not tried bamboo, but Id like to try it because I'm having stink issues with microfiber :/

I love bamboo because I have a very heavy wetter, and the extra absorbency is very handy!

I love bamboo! So soft, and it can go against baby's skin!

I love how absorbent it is.

we're making the switch from microfiber to natural fibers because of stinky well water and odor issues... i'd love to try these!

I love how well bamboo absorbs, and it doesn't stink like MF!

I'd like to try bamboo I've heard that it really absorbs.

I like it because it is soft.

I've heard that bamboo is very absorbant!

i love how trim and absorbent it is

Love the absorbancy of bamboo, and the softness!

In my cloth diapering journey I have found that bamboo really is more absorbent.

I love bamboo because it's a soft, natural and sustainable material!

Love the absorbency and sustainability!!!

I like bamboo because it's natural and soft.

Love bamboo's natural qualities!

Starting my cloth diaper journey! Have heard great things about bamboo!

Heard nothing but good about bamboo inserts composed of several layers of absorbency sound awesome to me.