June 19, 2013

Trophy Tuesday: Win a Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter Pocket and save 15% this week!

This week's Trophy Tuesday Giveaway is a super affordable and popular modern cloth diaper, the Kawaii Goodnight Onesize Diaper for heavy wetters!

The Kawaii Cloth Diaper consists of two parts 
  • A Waterproof Outer Cover
  • 2 Microfiber Inserts
There is a pocket opening located in the inner layer to accommodate microfiber liners/inserts.  Once stuffed, it is just like an (AIO) All In One Diaper.  The pocket/cover itself can also be use as a diaper cover over your favorite prefold or fitted diapers.

The Kawaii Goodnight Diaper is considered an extra absorbent cloth diaper designed for confident nighttime usage. Each diaper comes with 2 XL microfiber Inserts.  Fit for babies from 8-36lbs. 
Features a 3-Layer Outer Cover + 2 XL Super Absorbent Inserts, specially designed for nighttime protection.

This week we're giving you a chance to win a Kawaii OS Goodnight Diaper in the color/print of your choice (from available stock).

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Nighttime solution for the 2 yr old is a thirsties FB fitted with Hemp prefold and a cover.

Pocket diaper stuffed with 2 bamboo inserts (1 lrg, 1 sm).

Our current night time solution is usually a Happy heiny's hemp insert with a newborn MF insert on top for quick absorption, all stuffed into a pocket diaper, usually a BG 4.0 or a Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter! This set up lasts us a good 12 hours!!

I'm still looking for a good nightime solution. This would be awesome to try!

I use bumgenius with an added babykicks hemp insert:)

We don't have a kid yet. I am still learning about night time cloth diapering routines.

For now we can get by with our bumgenius 4.0 pocket and both inserts.

Right now we're using Bum Genius Freetime with an added bamboo insert.

Sustainablebabyish Snapless Multi with a Blueberry One Size Coverall

I am new to cloth diapering and working on night time solution right now.

We are using disposable at night because baby has a rash

quality prefold with thirsties sized cover

We use a combo of different sized prefolds snappi'd on under a premium prefold and covered with wool. Hugely bulky but no more wet beds!

we use double stuffed kawaii GNHW, BG4.0, RAR, Blueberry, or HH

4.0 stuffed with a bamboo flat

Right now I am using a fitted diaper with a wool cover. I really want to get a good pocket night time diaper for when the wool cover is being washed!

Flip cover with a stay dry insert and a thirsties hemp insert.

I currently use a thirsties duo fab fitted stuffed with a fuzzibunz insert with a thirsties duo wrap

I'm looking for a good nighttime solution - my son holds it all night and then wets through his pajamas in the morning. We are on the verge of potty training but he doesn't want to. Anyway, I'm due with another son in the end of August and I'd love to try a Kawaii heavy wetter diaper.

I just stuff a bumgenius with a stay dry and a newborn and change once during the night

I have three different nighttime options. A glowbug pocket or a GNHW stuffed with two Gerber flats, a small microfiber shop towel, a homemade 9 layer t-shirt and towel insert, and a hemp doubler covered with fleece or wool pants. The third option is a flip organic overnight prefold and a thin cheap prefold in a thirsties large cover, with fleece or wool pants... I have a super heavy wetter...

I use Kawaii with a hemp insert and a microfiber insert

I use a pocket with two charcoal inserts for nighttime. She actually doesn't leak at night, but her second nap she is super leaky!

Most of my diapers are cheaper ones due to no income, so I have a few nice ones (Kawaii and Bum Genius) I only use those at night because they are my best ones.

currently looking for something that will get my little one through the night!

We usually use a fitted with a fleece cover for night time. Sometimes I use an aio instead if I am slacking on laundry.

WAHM fitted and wool. Sometimes disposables.

BumGenius Freetime is our go-to nighttime diaper

I am currently pregnant with our first so we don't have a go-to nighttime diaper yet!

I've heard a lot of good things about the Kawaii diapers, but have never tried them. I'm looking for a good overnight diaper... this could be the one!

My daughter is 4 months old and not a heavy wetter so we can get away with the same diapers we use during the day. I'm sure that wont last forever though!

getting ready to make the change to fitteds!

My heavy wetting toddler wears prefolds with a bamboo insert as a little extra absorbency boost for nighttime.

We used a NN fitted with a wool cover with dd.

I haven't used any cloth diapers yet as I am currently pregnant with my first. I'm not sure what I will do for nighttime. I figure I will add more inserts to a pocket diaper.

We use Geffen baby hemp prefolds for night time use.

I mostly use a regular pocket diaper with 2 microfiber inserts, but recently my daughter has been leaking through those. I used a flip cover with a prefold and small prefold last night and she woke up dry!

disposables. I need better nighttime diapers!

We don't have a baby yet but hope to very soon. I really want to cloth diaper so I am busy researching. I like the idea of all in twos or pockets that can be stuffed with the amount of padding needed to keep baby dry at night.

No solution yet b/c we don't have a baby yet!

Either a fitted with cover or a BG 4.0 with an extra thirsties hemp insert

We use a Kawaii stuffed with a MF and a hemp insert for our 7 month old heavy wetter.

We use a double stuffed bum genius

My daughter isn't a very heavy wetter. A pad fold flat with a hemp doubler works fine stuffed in a pocket.

Pregnant with my 1st, and even though friends and family claim I'm kinda crazy for wanting to use cloth diapers they make me sooo excited! I also plan to try making my own (though I don't know how durable/comfortable they'd actually be)

So I'm new to all this, baby is still baking in my belly but I figure it's never to early to get started, plus it kind of relieves my anxiety! I would LOVE this incase nighttime diaper issues do arise.

Currently I use a MotherEase fitted diaper with extra inserts and an Air Flow cover. I'd love to see if the Kawaii would work for us.

Right now I'm using disposables at night because my baby has been such a heavy wetter!! But he's slowed down lately and isn't wetting as heavily as he used to, so I'm considering giving cloth at night a shot again! I've heard great things about this diaper! I have a few fitteds and covers so that's what I would be using for night.

Wool covers at night, does the trick.

I use a pocket diaper with an additional hemp insert.

My baby is due in October so I am doing a lot of cloth diaper research now. I've heard good things about a couple Kawaii products as well as fitteds. We will see what ends up working for my baby!


I am not currently cloth diapering.

I currently use BG Freetimes or double-stuffed pocket diapers.

I do not have one yet as I have not has my first child... preparing for it, so will be reading the comments for ideas.

I don't have a nighttime diapering plan yet, as I'm not cloth diapering yet. Would love to try this diaper though.