June 3, 2013

10 products to help you survive the summer!

It's here! Finally! Summer is just around the corner! The temperatures are warming up and school is almost out for summer! Are you ready? I've compiled a list of awesome products to help you survive this summer!

#1 BugBlocker
Keep away those pesty bugs with BugBlocker! BugBlocker is a 100% natural bug repellent that doesn't smell awful! It's safe for the whole family, including pets and it's made in the USA!

#2 SunBlocker
Protect that delicate baby skin with 100% natural sunscreen! SunBlocker protects against both UVA and UVB rays and is water and sweat resistant. You get to choose SPF 30 or 50!

#3 Piggy Paint
Get out your flip flops and sandals and show off those toes with Piggy Paint! Piggy Paint is a natural, eco friendly nail polish that is safe for girls of all ages!

#4 Snack Bags
Pack your beach and pool snacks in an eco-friendly way with Bumkins snack bags! These reusable bags will keep your snacks fresh and they'll be no waste!

#5 Swim Diapers
Show off your cloth diapers even at the pool with a reusable swim diaper! They come in cute prints and colors. You'll save a ton by using a reusable swim diaper, making you the smartest parent at the pool!

#6 Wet Bag
Store your wet swim suits in a wet bag after swimming! They'll contain the water from your suits making it hassle free for you to get home!

#7 Lunette Cup
Don't miss your chance to hang out in a bathing suit because it's your time of the month! Give a Lunette cup a try! You'll get to forget about your period and have fun like it never happened!

#8 Cute Cloth Diapers
Summer is the perfect time for dresses for little girls or just hanging out in a t-shirt with a diaper! Share your love for cloth with an adorable cloth diaper that everyone will covet!

#9 Hemp Doublers
If you're planning to travel this summer, don't leave home without hemp doublers! They can boost the absorbency on your regular diapers, allowing you to travel without worrying about leaks!

#10 Flushable liners
Don't stress about being away from your diaper sprayer while on vacation! Grab a package of flushable liners and make diaper changing a breeze!