May 20, 2013

We're sponsoring the "I'm a HIP Mom and Love Cloth Diapers" Sweepstakes! Enter to win over $600 in prizes!

We're thrilled to be able to sponsor Kelly Wels newest sweepstakes!  It's "I'm a Hip Mom and Love Cloth Diapers" and there are SO many great prizes for both mama and baby up for grabs!

We're sponsoring as both I Love Cloth Diapers blog and as Cloth Diaper Outlet and we really want to encourage you to enter!  The entry methods are super easy, in fact you earn entries just for already being fans of our pages!

Please head over to Kelly Wels Facebook Page and check out the Sweepstakes tab for details.  Then come back here and tell us, would you rather win Prize Package 1 or Prize Package 2?  Both are really amazing.

Good luck and thank you for your continued support of our family owned and operated business!


Entered. Prize 1 looks amazing!

I would love prize 2!!! They are both awesome!

Gosh, how do I choose? I would love EITHER ONE-there are things I "need" more in prize 1 package, but I would LOVE prize 2 as well!

So excited! I'd love to win #1!

THey are both great. Hard to choose. Probably #1.

Geez how can I choose! They are both amazing :)

This was a hard one! I think I will go with number two

I would love the prize 1. as we hope to be potty training in the next year or so! :)

I would love to win the prize 1!

Prizefighter number 2! I would like to try knickernappies.

Hard to say but I would go with number one.... more things I would live to try.

prize number 2 looks best for us! although prize number 1 is awesome too!

They both look amazing but I think number 2 would be best for our family right now.

Prize number 2 would work best for us. :)

#1 would be best for me.

There are things I need from both! I would love to win either one!

If I have to choose, #1, but both are awesome!

The Lunette cup is what makes prize 2 more appealing.

I don't think it allowed me to enter but I would LOVE to enter!! :)


I'd go for #2! It would be awesome to win!

I would love Prize 2!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

Entered! Prize two looks awesome!

I'd love prize #2...i so want a lunette!!

Love number 1! AWESOME! THANK YOU!!

We would love prize #2!!!!

Prize Pack 2, all the way! Except I can't enter. It won't let me without a twitter account! (sorry, I'm NOT giving in and joining twitter)

Entered. I would love either prize! I guess my first choice would be prize 1.

I would be BEYOND thrilled to win either package! If I had to choose, however, I think #2

Entered! and number two looks like something I would want :D

I would choose prize #1. It's perfect for me.