May 29, 2013

Trophy Tuesday: Win a GroVia Hook/Loop Shell or save 15% off them this week at!

This week we're featuring GroVia Cloth Diaper Covers, also known as Cloth Diaper Shells.  We're focusing on the Hook/Loop aka Velcro closure this week.

Everyone loves a great one size diaper cover, especially one as versatile as GroVia.  Use it with a prefold cloth diaper, use it with a fitted, stay-dry inserts or even GroVia's Bio Inserts which are totally biodegradable!

GroVia's Hybrid system truly is revolutionary and super easy to use, perfect for daycare, traveling, day trips and more!  It gives you the best of both worlds!

This week not only are we giving away a GroVia Hook/Loop Cloth Diaper Shell, we're putting them on sale too!

SALE:  Save 15% off a GroVia Hook/Loop Shell when you order one this week at Cloth Diaper Outlet!

Giveaway is open to participants in the USA & Canada.  All winning entries will be verified.
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'I think I have enough cloth diapers' said no one ever. I've never tried a Grovia before but I have heard nothing but good things about the hybrid.

We own a couple of shells and inserts. They're my husband's favorite. I love how they fit on my daughter and they don hold any smells like other diapers.

I have a couple of shells and also some inserts. We're planning to use them as covers for prefolds too. Love the prints and the sizing.

ive never tried grovia but Id love to have an aio or fitted

Don't have any Grovia, yet! Would love to try one out

I do not own any Gro Via products but have heard so many good things about them and would love to try one!

I don't have any grovia prodcuts...yet!

Love Me Some Fluff!! I have some grovias but no AIOs!

I have 2 Grovia AIOs, but I'd love to try a Hybrid!

I have two GroVia shells, one purple snap and one owls hook and loop, with two biosoakers. I like the fit of the owls one better; my daughter is slim and I find the fit of the snaps shell is loose.

I have two hook and loop shells, 4 organic cotton soakers, 2 stay dry boosters, and a kiwi pie fitted. Love them all and wish I had more in my stash!

haven't tried Grovia yet, but i REALLY want to =)

I don't, but getting a shell has been on my "to do" list!

I have AI2s, an AIO, Kiwipie fitteds, and a wool cover. I LOVE GroVia!

I do own a few of the AI2 shells with the cotton soakers.

(rachel n on raffelcopter)

I just got my first GroVia AI2 diaper! I love it!

I haven't tried any GroVia products yet--if I win I would love to, but my budget it too tight to buy any now! Don't we all know how that is? :)

I have a snap cover and 2 cotton soakers. Would love to try their wool cover!

I love my grovia covers! We're using them with prefolds until we can get the inserts.

i own grovia wipes and a grovia stick (also a wet bag and a newborn diaper, but the NB AIO I haven't used yet)

Not yet, but would love to give them a try.

I don't have anything by Grovia but I would love to try them out.

I just bought two gently used AI2s from another mama... but they were GroBaby's then! :-) Haven't tried them yet, because baby girl is still on her way.

I have never tried grovia woul love to

I don't have any GroVia diapers, but I do use the Magic Stick!

I don't have any GroVia products at all, but would love to try their diapers.

Not yet, would love to win one to see if I like them :)

I dont have any yet but i hear great things and i'd love to try them!!

I LOOOOVVVEE these! I have use these for a couple of months but since I'm a momma on a budget only have two of these but would really love to get more!!!

I don't have any GroVia diapers but would love to try their hybrid!

I use the Grovia Bioliners and love them! I tried several different brands before I tried them and you definitely get more for your money!

We love the Grovia AI2! We also have a few AIOs that are great.

I only have Grovia bioliners so far, waiting to add hybrids to my stash.

I have an AIO (pink peacock print) and some of their wipes.

I have some AIOs but I'd love to try the AI2s.

Can't stop shopping for cloth! Especially Grovia!

I don't own any Grovia but would love to :)

I don't own any Grovia yet but I'd love to try them, I've heard great things about them

I own a grovia shell but really want to try their snap in soakers. I just use flats under the shells right now. I just got a grovia aio today that i cant wait to try.

I just got 2 shells and 4 soakers so far I love them!

I dont have any yet but would love to try some :)

I don't own any yet but I've heard great things!

I do not own any grovia products but I have heard nothing but good things about them!

so far just 3 nb aio and I haven't yet to try them but planning on it soon :)

I just have an AIO, but it has not been used. It's a gift for someone.

i don't have any right now. The only thing I have used are the disposable liners, which i liked.

-Hannah Avery

i don't have any right now. The only thing I have used are the disposable liners, which i liked.

-Hannah Avery

no grovia's yet but i would LOVE to try them!!

No grovias yet but the colors are awesome and i wanna try em

I have the snap in soakers and one grovia shell. love them, I just need some more grivia shells.

We have a Kiwi Pie fitted and bamboo prefold.

Just getting started with cloth diapering and would love to try GroVia.

I own a Grovia AIO I would love to try out a shell

I've tried most of GroVia's products. I currently have shells, prefolds, Mighty BUbbles, and the Kiwi Pie wool and fitteds

I haven't tried any Grovia products but I definitely want to!

I have 3 small GroVia prefolds. This shell would work perfect with them!

I don't have any GroVia products... I'm trying to stock up before the baby gets here!

I'm new to cloth diapers and won't be able to start till baby number two arrives, so I'm just dipping my feet in the water and want to have a couple different products on hand to find the one that works best for us