May 22, 2013

Trophy Tuesday: Win (6) Indian Prefolds or save 15% when you order them this week at!

Prefolds, although a traditional method of cloth diapering, are still a staple for any cloth diapering family.

They're easy to launder, easy to use and versatile.  Keep on hand and use as a diaper, tri-fold and use as an insert, burp cloth, changing pad, dust cloth and more!

With this weeks Trophy Tuesday and Sale we're giving you a chance to win (6) Knickernappies Cotton Indian Prefold Cloth Diapers!

Knickernappies Indian Cotton prefold cloth diapers are made from the fluffiest, softest cotton.  Made to withstand years of washing and daily use, they'll be your favorite prefold diaper in no time.  

Your prefolds will arrive flat and lifeless, but wash them 3 times and they'll perk up into fluffy diapers begging to be used.  Your prefolds will be absorbent after the first three washes and they will continue to gain absorbency for another 8-10 washes before achieving their peak potential. 

Your prefolds are also a bit of a shrinking violet...they'll look huge when they arrive, but after washing they will shrink to the perfect size.  

Sizing - all are 4x8x4 layers
Infant ~ White Edge ~ 6-15 lbs
Premium Short* ~ Lime Edge ~ 10-20 lbs
Premium ~ Purple Edge ~ 15-30 lbs

Giveaway:  Enter to win SIX Indian Prefolds via the Rafflecopter Form Below.

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I have no idea what my grandma used. Both of them passed away a long time ago. Maybe I could ask my aunts...

I am currently preparing to CD a 21 month old and newborn...I could use more prefolds for sure! My grandma used the first disposable diapers around and a few flats with pins and waterproof pants.

I'm learning to cloth diaper because we're expecting our first baby in August! We want to use prefolds and covers. Winning this giveaway would be great!

I'm sure Grandma used cloth I just don't know if they were prefolds or flats!

my grandma used flats and my mom used them on me too... my gram thinks im crazy for cd-ing since it wasnt an option then!

My first is due August 5, and I'm planning to diaper with prefolds, just like my mom did!

My Grandma used flats,pins & rubber pants :)

I have no idea! I know my mom used prefolds, and my mother in law did too. They think modern cloth diapers are awesome! But surprisingly I really like prefolds and covers!

How funny, somebody mentioned in their comment that their grandmother used first disposables.... Where i am from my grandmother used good old cloth and so did my mom with me, because they had no idea something like disposable ones even exist :-). And i do cloth as well (obviously) and i love it!
Pavla kalisova

I know my mom used cloth with me, so I'm sure my grandmothers both used cloth but I have no idea what it was like....probably flats!

I assume my grandmother used flats and pins...I might ask my mom next time I talk to her. I know my own mom tried cloth for a bit then gave up. She even told me if modern cloth diapers were around 30 years ago, it would've been MUCH easier!

Pretty sure they used cloth diapers : ) My mom used cloth on my sis and me as well!

Not sure what my grandma used but my mother in law used cloth. She loves the modern cloth diapers!

Considering my grandma will be 95 soon, she used cloth diapers. She's impressed that I am too. :)

My Nanny (mom's mom) used Flats and plastic or rubber covers. Her Babies were allergic to wool. My Gran (fathers mom) used prefolds mostly w/o covers and wool at night! he second child used some disposables they were in fashion but she never liked them they made baby butts red!

I have no idea what my grandmother used (on either side of the family). my father's mother passed when I was in high school and I never would have thought to ask her then, and my mom's mom passed when my mom was 4 years old

Curity flat diapers with pins, and she handwashed them.

My grandma said she mainly used cloth with awful plastic pants, but that disposables had just come out so she used them when they would go out.

My grandmother definitely used cloth as did my mother.

She definitely used cloth... and is a big advocate for me to use cloth too! :-)

I don't know and sadly she passed away two years ago so I can't ask her.

My grandmother used flats- I remember my mom telling me about them hanging on the clothesline as a child!

I don't know but I will ask them.

I don't know what my grandmother used, but I know my mother used prefolds + pins.

I'm guessing my grandmother used cloth. I know my mom used cloth diapers/pins on me! :)

I'm sure my grandma used flats because my mom used flats on me.

I don't know what my grandma used, but I assumed cloth and plastic pants. I know my mom used cloth with me too!

Both of my grandmothers used cloth and plastic pants. Disposables were just coming out when my mom's mom had babies, which means they were only around for two of my dad's moms babies. :)
- Patricia B-

My parents were born in the '60s, so I am guessing my grandmother used cloth diapers, most likely flats with the plastic pants.

I don't know what my grandma used I assume it was prefolds and / or flats

I'm pretty sure both of my grandmas used cloth diapers on their kids. Each of them had 8 children, so I'm pretty sure disposables would have been a luxury item for them!

they def didnt have disposibles when my grandma was raising kids. im sure she just used flats

My grandma used flats and so did my mom.

My grandmothers were parenting in the 1930's and 1940's, so I know they didn't use disposables. I assume they used some sort of flat or cloth diaper.

I am not sure what she used

My grandmother used cloth diapers and so did my mom. Hopefully I will pass on the tradition as well!

My Grandmother and mother both used prefolds and plastic pants :).

I'm not exactly sure but I imagine they used cloth, both my grandmas had 6+ kids, I can't imagine they would have used disposable even if they were around then.

my grandmother used flats!

I am not sure what my grandma used, but I know my mom used prefolds with pins and rubber covers!

We're back in cloth after a 6 month hiatus and life is good!

I have no idea what cloth diapers my granny used. I know my mum used flat diapers with plastic rubber pants on us.

I don't know what my grandmothers used - they've all passed on. I know that my mother used disposable diapers and just doesn't understand why I would want to use cloth.

Jodi J

I love cloth!! No chemicals!!

My grandma used cloth. I only know because I have a picture of my mom in one. The picture is blurry and I can't tell if it is a flat or prefold. My mom used disposables on me, but I use cloth and love it.

My grandmothers and my mother all used cloth! I'm planning to do the same!

I believe my grandma used flats