April 30, 2013

Trophy Tuesday: Win a Knickernappies Custom Fit Pocket Diaper and save 15% when you order them this week!

Sized Pocket Diapers?  You will love the fit of the Knickernappies Custom Fit diaper!

Sure, the one size cloth diaper is popular and makes a lot of sense to a lot of families but there will always be a place and purpose for sized pocket diapers like the Knickernappies Custom Fit Diaper.

It's easy to create a diaper that's supposed to fit babies from birth through potty training but the truth is that not all babies are shaped the same and one size diapers just don't fit or function the same on all of them.  Skinny legged babies might have trouble with gaping legs and leaks, chunky babies might outgrow the diaper too soon or you might find the fit is too tight.

What about the bulk factor?  OS diapers are the bulkiest on newborns and often new mothers find that those adorable clothes just won't fit over their new cloth diapers.  With a sized diaper, they would!

Knickernappies Custom Fit pocket diapers feature elastic at both the waist and back.  This keeps messes where they belong: in the diaper!  With hidden snaps and gentle leg elastic, Knickernappies are designed for your baby's comfort.  

Side snaps give this diaper a very smooth fit across the tummy.  No more poofing or drooping!  In addition, side snaps are great for curious toddlers who have mastered aplix or front-snapping diapers.

The Giveaway
We're giving away a Knickernappies Custom Fit Pocket Diaper in the color and size of the winners choice!
*Open to residents in the USA & Canada!  Enter though the Rafflecopter form below. 

Order a Knickernappies Sized Pocket this week and save 15% at Cloth Diaper Outlet
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I don't own any, but would love to try them!

I don't have the cover but I love there prefolds so I would love to try them

I havn't won a giveaway yet so I'm hoping that the odds are with me this time! I haven't got one of these yet and I am the kind of person that loves to try and compare the different brands!

I dont own any yet but have heard great things and would love to try them.

I don't own any of these yet and I'm interested to try them because of the design!

I really hope to win! I only have 2 knicker nappies, but I love them!

I have a OS pocket, and I really like it! Very absorbent and fits my son really well! I'd love to try a sized diaper too!

i have never tried these but would love to try something new!

I dont' own any knickernappies products yet, but I love how it is custom fit - that would be great to try!

I don't any Knickernappies yet, but they get great reviews so I would love to try them!

I don't yet but would love to try them! I like the idea of side snaps.

I don't have knickernappies, but I have tried two different brands of washable diapers and would love to test out new ones.

I do have one knickernappies diaper, which is a one size. I would love to try their sized diaper.

yes, but only the diaper sprayer. i'd love to try the diapers!

I do not own any; I like sized diapers so I want to try one!

I don't own any so I'd love to try one and see if it works for us!

I don't own any but would love to try the side snapping feature.

I have never tried any knickernappies, but I would like to try them for my new baby due in September!

I have never tried knickernappies before and would love to try them I have a fuzzibunz and bumgenius.

I will be having my first baby and currently do not own any cloth diapers. Looking to try different brands and start my stash for when baby arrives.

I don't own any..but I love trying out all different kinds of diapers!

I haven't tried them yet but I'd love to because I've heard they fit bigger babies well. :)

I have not tried them, but I would love to! my 23 month old is a big boy, he comes up to my hip(I wear a 35" inseam) and weighs almost 40 pounds! I'd like to see if these diapers fit him better than most of what we have.

we don't own any but would love to try one!!

I don't, but I love pockets for night.

I haven't tried these yet, but my sister loves them. Would love to see if they work for us too

I have no experience with cloth diapers, since my baby is still on the way! But I am definitely looking to build a collection of various diapers so we can try them out.

I do own fluff, but not knickernappies. I want to win them because a woman I know is pregnant with her 7th and has always used Sposies. After seeing my fluff she is wanting to try the cute cloth (I would love her to since Sposies are so bad for the environment) and I am trying to win her some!
masugr at yahoo dot com

I would want a large periwinkle one

Don't own any but have heard about them so would like to try them out.

I do own one but not sure what kind it is

I have not tried knickernappies before but I would love to try a side snapping pocket.

no i havent tried them before but really would love to i always love to try a new product

i have not but would really like to and id love to win and be able to try it out then if i liked it i would definitly get more :)

I currently do not own any, but would love to try them.

I don't own any but love trying out new diapers for my daughter cabriolian@yahoo dot com

I do not own any but I always like to try new kinds to see if they work better!

Never tried knickernappies, but would love to!

I am new to cloth diapering and don't own many cloth diapers yet. I would like to try out different brands to see which I like the best

I have one of the OS pockets, so I'd like to try a sized one. And side-snapping diapers are starting to grow on me, so it would be nice to add a few more into the rotation.

I don't own any yet but once the baby gets here I'd love to try all different kinds of cloth diapers to find out the best one for us.

I don't have any side snapping diapers, so I'd like to compare them to my totally blase front-snappers. :)

No, I've never tried Knickernappies, but I have some side snapping covers I love so I'd like to try these.

I don't own any yet but would love to try the side snaps.

I don't own any yet but I love trying new diapers

One of my good friends really loves kinckernappies, and even though i don't have any I would love to win them for her

I haven't tried any Knickernappies... but heard several great things about them from various bloggers/friends and it's definitely intrigued me!

I don't own any, but I'd love to diversify my stash a little more to find out which brands to buy more of! :)

I don't own any cloth diapers yet, but an actively working to grow a stash for my family. Especially because there are sooo many babies being born this year! Knickernappies appears to be a great brand to include with the stash as the fitted diapers provide custom sizing options.

I do not own any, but am currently building my CD stash and this seems like a great diaper to add to it!

I have 4 OS pockets and 1 medium custom fit that we have outgrown them. They are, without question, my favorite pocket shells!

I have not tried these yet but would love to!

I have diapered 4 babies with Knickernappies sized pocket diapers! I love the fit, especially around the thigh. After my third baby, I sold all by my size smalls and now my fourth baby has outgrown the rise on them (at 15lbs and 25.5 inches tall). I would love to win one in a bigger size to add to my stash :)

Not yet - would love to try something with side snaps like this.

I don't own any, but I would love to try a sized diaper. We only have one size.

I don't own any right now, but I'd love to add a couple to my stash for our LO!

Don't have but would love to try. I like the side snaps.