April 13, 2013

Saturday Project - Organize your freezer to fit MORE inside!

I suspect most of us have areas in our house that silently bug us...places that are messy, inefficiently used, etc.  For me, one such spot was my kitchen freezer.  It seemed like it never fit enough into it and something was always falling out on my toes when I opened the door.  At best, it was inefficient use of space.  At worst, it was a plain mess.

One day, while nesting before the birth of baby #3, I tackled the freezer.  I emptied everything out onto the counter, threw away anything that was just too old, and wiped down the inside.  But now what?  Hmmm...

I pulled out my measuring tape for some quick measurements, then hit the road.  At Big Lots, I found 3 plastic shoe boxes for $1 each.  They were the perfect size for the bottom shelf.  I envisioned neatly labeled "drawers" for meats, veggies, and cheese.

At The Container Store, I found plastic file boxes in various widths.  Turned out that they would fit perfectly on the top shelf.  I imagined bags of tater tots finally having a home.

Sadly, I didn't think to take a "Before" photo.  I suppose I could empty everything out again and shove it back in willy nilly and take a picture, but hopefully you can just use your imagination.  Be sure to include something diving for the floor every time we wanted ice.

This is my "After" photo:
My dream of neatly labeled drawers came true!  And those tater tots finally have a home with walls so the bag isn't always falling over.  I like how the clear file drawers still allow plenty of light through.  Nothing falls on my feet, but best of all, I now have MORE in my freezer than I've ever had in there before.  And I can find it!

Total cost:  about $12
Total time:  about 1 hour plus shopping time

~Heather (owner Cloth Diaper Outlet)

Text and photos copyright CDO LLC 2013