April 12, 2013

PCOS to Pregnancy: A lesson in patience

Here I am, waiting to start our second round of Clomid. I have taken the progesterone to induce a period and nothing is happening. It's been 5 days since I completed the medication and nothing. I've taken this medicine so many times in the future and still don't remember what I'm supposed to expect! Is it 3 days after finishing the medicine that I get a period or 10? I'm so anxious to start another round of Clomid in hopes of getting pregnant that it's hard to be patient. I feel like one whole cycle takes forever. I have to take the progesterone for 10 days. Then I have wait to for the period. Then I start the real cycle. If I'm not pregnant, I have to wait until day 35 to start the progesterone all over again. All in all, it's like a two month cycle! It's so hard to be patient when you want something so badly.

Then again, I look at our life, at our toddler and think the timing was perfect. When we got married, we didn't go on birth control. I knew I wasn't ovulating, but our thought process was, let's see what happened. And for a year and a half nothing happens. We would have been pleased to get pregnant right away, it would have been a welcome surprise, but that's not what happened. Instead, our son was born a month after our second wedding anniversary and that was perfect! We got two years to create memories, save money, and live in a tiny, one bedroom apartment. Our life would have been very different if we had gotten pregnant right away and I'm so thankful for the time that we had as a childless couple.

I'm trying to remind myself all of that now as I impatiently wait for my period to start. I'm thankful for the time with our toddler. The memories of one-on-one time, the ease of getting just one child at the door when we want to leave. I'm trusting that things don't happen in my time, but at the right time. And that is comforting.

I'm Jenny, the mama behind the blog Cloth Diaper Revival.   I'm a stay at home mom to Noah and a wife to Chas, the cloth diapering dad.  I used to be a 3rd grade teacher until I was blessed with the birth of my first child, Noah. I'm currently trying to conceive my second child while struggling with infertility due to PCOS. This series covers my journey and my experiences along the way.