April 3, 2013

Get ready for summer with reusable swim diapers!

Summer's on the way! Have you started making vacation plans? Don't forget to order a reusable swim diaper to pack for all your trips to the pool and beach! Reusable swim diapers work the same great way as your cloth diapers or the disposable kind. The best part is you can buy one cloth swim diaper for about the same cost as one package of disposable swim diapers. And look how much cuter! In fact, leave the bathing suit behind and let your swim diaper double as a swim suit! We have many of our swim diapers on clearance right now! Buy early and save the difference! You could put that savings toward your family vacation!

The Bummis Swimmis has strong aplix and mesh lining. The Imse Vimse swim diaper has side snaps for easy removal and has the option to add a matching tankini swim top for you little girl! 

Have you tried a reusable swim diaper?