April 15, 2013

Does gender matter when buying cloth diapers?

There are so many adorable prints on the market in the cloth diapering community! You may find yourself dying to own every new diaper that comes out because you just *have* to have that new print! My question for you is this...

Do you only buy prints based on the gender of your child? 
If you have a boy, do you stick to boy prints? Does your little girl only wear girly prints? Thankfully there are quite a few gender neutral prints available for those parents who only like to buy based on gender. 

I have a boy and I remember when Fuzzibunz came out with new Spring prints last year. I quickly scooped a Whimsical Whale because I loved it and had to have it! I also loved the "girl" print, Strawberry Fields, but I didn't buy it because I had a boy. I told myself I would buy one before they were discontinued so I wouldn't miss out and I didn't. I'm kicking myself now for missing out on that adorable print!

P.S. I hear Fuzzibunz has new prints on the horizon! Can't wait to see what they are!

In case you're wondering, the prints above are:

So, is your cloth diaper stash gender specific or more gender neutral?


Yesterday a wonderful friend gave me her entire stash of cloth diapers. most of them are BG 4.0 and FuzzyBunz elite one size about 12 are Girl colors/ patterns, we have decided that in the event of a boy we will either trade these or just put them on baby boy at night. It was not very long ago that Baby boys wore pink for its significance to virility and girl babies wore gentle blues (victorian times) so I seriously doubt that putting a pink diaper on my sons booty will cause him any emotional damage.

Do you Mack adult diapers to

No we don't make adult cloth diapers. You can find them for sale here http://www.snap-ez.com/Shopping.html#Diapers

I do because I already get enough looks anyways for cloth diapering. I am not completely against it. If I were to given girl prints, I would use them. But I don't buy those on purpose.