March 18, 2013

Win TWO of the NEW BumGenius Prints! (Irwin & Maathai) Ends 04/01

NEW Giveaway from Cloth Diaper Outlet!

We're SO excited to be receiving the brand new prints from BumGenius!  Both are beyond cute and very unique.

Our shipment which contains BumGenius Irwin and Maathai should be here any day and we're excited to give you all a chance to win one of each of them!

This giveaway is being co-hosted by Kelly Wels, First Time Mom, Cloth Diaper News and Cloth Diaper Geek.  You can enter on any of their blogs or this one and be entered to win!

Open to the USA & Canada.  Winner has 7 days to claim their prize.  All winners entries will be verified.

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Love the girl print! Both are cute though ;)

I must confess I prefer the girl print but the boy print is growing on me as i see it more online.

I LOVE the new prints! SO cute!

I <3 Irwin! I'm not as crazy about the girl print personally.

love the Maathai, but would happily put the Irwin on my baby girl, too!

Pretty cute! I am a huge bumgenius fan, so print or no print I love it.

I love the boy print! It's not so boy-ish so my daughter can wear it too!

I love them! I absolutely love Irwin something different you don't see to often

I like both of them, and I also love the stories behind their namesakes!

I would love both for my son. It would be great if they did more gender neutral prints and if the Irwin was less camo-like, but ultimately, they are both cute, and I would have no problem using either!

I LOVE both of these prints!!! SO CUTE!!!

I think they're both adorable and would use both on my girl when she is born!

I LOVE BumGenius diapers. Consistently the best I've tried so far.

I LOVE BumGenius diapers. Consistently the best I've tried so far.

I LOVE the Irwin. So cute. I love the mix of colors and the dino pictures

I love them both! BG has so few prints; it's awesome to see them come out with new ones!!

I love them both, but especially love Maathai!

love them! I'm a huge fan of fun prints :)

I really like them both. I like that they are paying tribute to two great people!

I really want to see a picture of them (a big picture), not just a drawing. Then I can decide what I really think. So far they're both cute.

They're cute. What's not to love, they're free!

I love bumGenius of all colors and prints!!

Both have very fun prints! Would love to have the Irwin one to try on my little guy, since we haven't tried BG yet!

Funky new prints, would love to see them in real life!

They are both really cute!

Super cute prints! Never tried this brand but would love to win!!

I think they are cute and would be excited to win because I don't have any.

I think that they're both cute prints. I like the Irwin one more (I'm more of a blue/green person myself, rather than a pink person) and my husband is a big animal lover, so that would be my choice. We do have a girl, though, and the Maathai one would look pretty cute on her little bottom!

I like Maathai better for my baby girl, but I like Irwin also. I am an animal lover, and I love how it was named after Steve Irwin.

I like them both but wish they came in hook and loop too!

Not too into Irwin, but I love Maathai.

Love the girl print! Hope to win!

Love Irwin but not the name as I don't really think Steve Irwin is someone whom we should be idolizing. If they wanted to do an animal related genius print there are plenty of other people they could have chosen. I'm pretty ambivalent about the flower print. Something about it (scale, color, I'm not really sure) just doesn't do it for me in the online pictures so I'll definitely be waiting to see it in person before I make a purchasing decision.

I love them both!! :) we love Bumgenius!

I love the Irwin print! Not a huge fan of Maathai, but I love the multicolored snaps! I'd like Irwin more if it had multicolored snaps too.

I would love to win, we love BG diapers

I think the girl print is adorable!

I have a boy and love the Irwin print. I'm currently pregnant and am hoping beyond hopes for a girl so that Maathai print would be perfect too!

I like the girl print but I LOVE the boy print!

I'm a bit "meh" about both prints. Not very interesting but kinda cutesy. I would love for cottonbabies to partner with Zutano for a future diaper line!

Would especially love the boy print!

I think they are both awesome!!

I love the Irwin colors and design but I'm not as fond of the Maathai one.

I love both prints. The boy print would suit my baby boy this July!

5I love the Irwin! Although I wish there wasnt purple in it! I would have thought that it would have been cool to be khaki colors!

Love the girl print! Thought I would like Irwin more, since I love reptiles, but it's not my favorite.

Like them both! Especially Irwin.

love our albert print and think our little guy would look great in the Irwin print too

I love pocket diapers and really love 4.0's. I am so excited they came out with a couple new prints!

My beautiful daughter loves her cloth diapers and my 4 year old loves to pick the diapers I put on her for the day. She would definitely pick the Maathai every day :)

I love both prints! so cute! would love to win!

To me the prints are ok, but would love to win them

irwin is my fav and the girl print is not pretty at all but Id just like to win them for a friend or just to keep for later

I am loving both of these prints!

I love the new prints! Would love on e for my boy :)

Love the colors in both and I adore the multi colored snaps. Now I'm dying to see a Cousteau print in blues. I totally agree with the poster who suggested partnering with Zutano.

I like the boy one - very cool - not sure about the girl one, I need to see it in person!

I think they're both pretty cute. Only have Thirsties covers in prints so far, so would be a cutesy change of pace!

It's such a big risk trying out new cloth diapers because they are so expensive and you may not like I love giveaways! I would love to see that girl print on my little one!

I LOVE the new prints! I especially love the girly print!

Love Irwin!!! ANIMALS!!!!!!!!

I'm due in June with my 2nd baby and so excited to cloth diaper this one!

I love these new prints! How awesome of you guys to give 2 away. You rock!

We have such boring diapers, the summer is coming up and we NEED some cute prints. Thanks! :)

I love the colorful prints, just in time for summer. My personal favorite is the Irwin print. I have an 8 mo. old girl in cloth and her little bum would be cute in either print. My 3 year old boy who is no longer wearing diapers REALLY likes the Maathai print (he likes flowers) and wants his baby sister to wear it.

I think both prints are super cute! I have a boy though, so the Maathai would probably be gifted to a friend.

Love them both! My littlest is a boy tho Ai its nice to see u h a cute boy print!

The girly print is just okay. I don't like the other one at all! Based on their other prints, I was excited to see the new ones, and then very disappointed. It would be cool if they came out with a boy and girl robot print!

I really like Irwin, but am just "okay" with Maathai. I would use them both though because I LOVE my 4.0s!!!

I like them but am not in love with either. Of course I would love to win them!

Finally some new prints! We love wildlife animals! GO IRWIN!!

These are so cute! I'd love both of them!

I love BG pockets & these 2 new prints will look adorable on my son & daughter! :)

Yay two new fun, adorable prints!

I'm in love with both prints but would LOVE an Irwin for my boy! So excited that BG came out with more prints!

I really like them both - neat colors. The Maathai is my favorite.

I like them, but not crazy about them. I like the Irwin more!

i love the green one. they are both cute but i am just partial to green :)

Both of them are super cute!

I've been dying to try BumGenius diapers but don't want to pay the high price. I love the girl print!

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Honestly I don't like either one as much as Artist series and previous Genius series, but I'm hopeful that Irwin looks better in person.

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I'm really excited for a new print. I'm only diapering for a boy and I actually love the Irwin print and I love that it's after Steve Irwin. Our family loves all things Animal Planet and I know my older son will get a kick out of his little brother in that sweet new dipey with all the animals all over it :)

I think they're both super cute!!

I love Irwin but I'm not crazy about Maathai....I like the colors on Irwin and I just like animals more than flowers:)

I love the girl print! The boy print is okay.

I love Irwin the most. I've always been a fan of animals on kids clothes, etc, but I am especially fond of the way the critters have so many different prints. It's a nice effect.

I love Maathai. It's so pretty and feminine. It reminds me of somewhere beautiful and tropical. Irwin is super cute but I'm not a fan of the camo look. Love the use of animal spaces to make the camo design. I dunno. Maybe the only camo diaper I would ever buy.

I'll have to find a CD girl to give the Maathai to!

I'm so excited for new prints and actually really like them both.

love both... partial to the boy print since I have a boy
taraz9 at excite dot com

The boy print is adorable!

Both are SO cute, but I'd love the boy print!!

love them!! so cute! especially the girl print! =)

I so want the Maathai print! Love it!

I Love them both. Definitely need Irwin for my newborn son.

i love them both and would put either one on my boy or girl!

Love both of these prints! would love to win 'em, but I still plan on buying them if I don't!! ;)

I love the Irwin, but the Maathai is one of the cutest girl prints I've ever seen!

Absolutely love the boy print!!!

I love the Maathai, but I'm not totally sold on the Irwin

Having a boy in June, I want Irwin :)

I would love to win and try out some new diapers since most of my diapers are handmade by me. The prints are ok but not amazing. But I bet they look better in person. The Irwin is cute tho.

These would be so adorable on my two little girls.

I like the girls print more but I have a baby boy so I'd love that for him! And I have only ever used prefolds so it'd be awesome to try Bumgenius AIO's! Thanks for the chance!

I really like Maathai, but I'll have to see Irwin in real life to decide if I like it.

Super cute! Always love new prints!

i love both the prints, but have a boy that would look really cute in the Irwin

I really love the girl print...I wish I was having a girl.

Both are super cute! I have a girl, but I'd put either one on her!

BG's are awesome and both prints are super cute! I would use both

The Dinos are so cute!! I can just see that on my little monster!! The girl one is adorable too!!! How fun!!

Really Love that they are coming out with more prints!

I really love both prints. Super cute!

Love the boy print! so stinkin cute :)

I like the Irwin, but the girl print is ok. As a BG fan I'll be happy with either though :)

I think the new prints are super adorable, and I love the names! :)

sweet patterns! Have a boy and not sure baby's gender yet, so would gamble for the Maathai :)

I actually prefer the "boy" print and think it will work well for a boy or a girl. I hope I win!!!