March 13, 2013

Trophy Tuesday: Win a Wolbybug Doorknob Pail and save 15% when you order!

This week's Trophy Tuesday is totally new!

We've got a great selection of Wolbybug Doorknob Diaper Pail Liners!  They easily snap to any doorknob, towel rack or can be used as a pail liner!

About the Doorknob Pail:  

Sometimes there's just not enough space for a plastic diaper pail.Doorknob Diaper Pails are perfect for nurseries, bathrooms, and traveling.  All you need is a doorknob!  The Doorknob Diaper Pail attaches securely with snaps but still allows the doorknob to function normally.  The pail naturally gaps open just enough to drop in a diaper and is easily washed along with diapers in the washing machine.

Doorknob Diaper Pails are made with waterproof PUL.  For safety, they do not have drawstrings or cords, just elastic and snaps.

This week you can save 15% when your order any Wolbybug Doorknob Pails at Cloth Diaper Outlet and you can enter to win one here on the blog via the Rafflecopter form below.
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I use a pail liner in a plastic hamper.

Haven't decided yet starting Cd as soon as little one arrives

I use a diaper pail and a liner

I use pail liners. Love them!

I use a pail liner in a plastic trash can.

I have a homemade pail liner (in a plastic trash can), but it leaks so this would be great to try!

I use a plastic diaper pail (no liner) as a wet pail, but use a dry pail (just an old kitty litter tub) for shells/covers. This would be great to store all my shells and covers though to take up much less space than that container!

Step lid trash can! No liner, though I would like one. :-)

I just started using cloth diapers and I use a small drawstring bag and a zippered bag, haven't yet used a pail/liner

a small round laundry basket with a homemade PUL liner with elastic at the top.

I use a diaper pail with a liner

I don't have a baby yet, so I don't have a favorite method yet. I do look forward to finding out what works best though!

We use a plastic kitchen trash barrel with a pail liner.

Right now I have a pail with a liner on my toddlers room, however baby #2 is due shortly so I would love to have this for his room :)

if they are wet, in a planetwise pail liner in the changing room. if they are soiled and were sprayed, in a FuzziBunz Hanging Bag in the bathroom :)

we use a plastic trash can and an alva pail liner

wet bags and a pail liner in a plastic trashcan

Plastic diaper pail w/ lid and Planetwise Liner

We have a pail liner in a large trash can that we use for wet diapers. We use a small wetbag for poopy diapers (they get an extra rinse/wash). I wish I had a large bag like this that I could hang in the laundry room downstairs so I wouldn't have to keep running upstairs to put the wet diapers in the pail.

I don't have a method. My baby is not home yet ..but will be out of the nicu in a few weeks. Hopefully I can figure out something that works.

I currently use a planet wise wetbag hanging in the bathroom

right now im using a kitchen trash can with a lid and it works great but i have no liner so every laundry day i clean it out

I use a plastic trash can from walmart

A step garbage pail that we brought in our move from Australia! No liner but I've been thinking it would be a good idea.

Using a rumparooz hanging bag, which I like, but wetness does seep through...

diaper dekor with a pail liner

i use a planet wise pail liner in a plastic trash can

Nothing yet, because I don't have the LO yet, but I'll probably be using a plastic pail and planetwise wet bag.

All I have so far is one small wet bag so I need to get something else before I have my baby!

I put them in a pail with a pail liner in it

I currently use a Planetwise pail liner in a trash can in my bathroom and a Kissaluvs pail liner in a trash can in the nursery.

We use a pail liner in a trashcan.

I am a soon to be mom, and haven't started yet!

Such a great idea - love this product.

I use a laundry detergent bucket.

My little one is on the way, but I'm excited to use cloth diapers. I've considered a pail liner or a big wet bag, but I'm not sure what would be the best. These look great!

I currently use a hanging Fuzzibunz pail.

I use a diaper pail with a wet bag in the nursery. I would love this for in the bathroom when I am done spraying out "dirty" diapers. Thanks for the giveaway!

I currently just use a trash can, no liner. :/
I am cloth diaper full time for the first time and I'm still figuring it all out! Love my cloth though!!!