March 6, 2013

Trophy Tuesday: Win a GroVia Magic Stick or save 15% when you order this week!

Trophy Tuesday y'all!  Time to announce the next great featured product that you can both enter to win and you can save 15% off when you order this week only at Cloth Diaper Outlet!

This week's Trophy Tuesday prize is GroVia's popular and beloved Magic Stick!

GroVia Magic Stick’s all natural and organic ingredients and petroleum-free formula is safe to use with cloth or disposable diapers.
  • Keep Your Hands Clean and Baby Happy
  • Safe to use with both cloth diapers and disposables.
  • Use a light layer to protect baby's skin from wetness.
  • Helps to clear up minor rashes
  • Hate greasy, messy hands? Great NO MESS packaging makes application a cinch. Just the right amount will be left on baby's skin and NONE on yours!
  • Safe to use for minor skin irritations....chapped skin, stretch marks, most anywhere you need extra moisture.
  • Made with natural and organic ingredients.
To Use: Use as needed with diaper changes and at night before bed. Apply to clean, dry skin.

Looking for the ingredients?  Read all about them here.

Sale:  Shop for the Magic Stick this week only and SAVE 15% on the purchase of a GroVia Magic Stick!

Giveaway:  Enter to win a GroVia Magic Stick from Cloth Diaper Outlet!  Use the Rafflecopter form below to submit your entries.

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My current rash remedy is coconut oil scented with lemongrass extract in a spray pump. I like it, but I'm interested to try the GroVia stick so I don't have to touch it!

When we get a diaper rash, we usually have to go to disposables or simply give him naked booty time. Fortunately his rashes have become few and far between since switching to cloth!

I've never tried it, but would love to!

I would love to try a magic stick! Thanks for chance!

I'd love to try this stuff.I'm using CJ's at the moment, but I'd like to try other products. Not that I'm not happy with CJ's. :-)

I have not tried that. I have used CJ's BUTTer though.

I haven't tried the stick. I haven't started cloth diapering yet, so I actually don't have a diaper rash remedy yet!

Haven't tried it. We use Cj's.

I have tried it and love it! I normally use CJs, but the mini Magic Stick is great for the child care bag :)

I haven't tried this yet. My naby girl will be here in 5 days. We have one small stick of CJ's.

I haven't tried this, and I don't have a current rash remedy...I'm sure I'll need one as soon as I have my first little one, though!

I haven't tried it yet. I'm currently using CJs BUTTer.

We have tried it and we love it! We use it every day and it's great for preventing rashes for our daughter with sensitive skin.

I haven't tried the GroVia stick yet, but I've heard that it's just as effective as a lip balm. Honestly, considering the state of my lips, that's what I'm most interested in it for!

I have never used the GroVia stick but I'm looking for a diaper safe rash treatment and would love to try this one!

this is a great i love that it is a stick

I have never used this before. WE currently do naked time and coconut oil

I have tried the magic stick and I really like it.

My friend uses this and I'm in love with how it smells.

I have not tried this yet. I use coconut oil but would love to have another option!

Not yet. We have been using California Baby and/or coconut oil, but I have heard great things about this one!

Have not tried it yet. I currently use cj's.

I haven't tried it because I don't have a kid yet, but I'll let you know soon! :)

Ive never tried this before but Id love to. I used cjs now

I have not tried the Grovia Magic Stick. I have been using the Motherlove diaper rash and thrush salve.

I haven't tried it. I use CJ's BUTTer currently.

I've never tried it. I currently use Angel Baby Bottom Balm.

Havent tried it yet, I currently switch to disposable :(

I haven't tried it yet. Usually I put aquaphor on, or if it's really bad I'll switch to pinning diapers & plastic cover so that I can use A&D.

The stick application looks so easy!

I haven't used it yet. Currently use Burt's Bees Butt Cream.

Haven't used it yet - baby is on the way!

I haven't yet tried the GroVia Magic Stick, though I hear it's wonderful. We currently use Northern Essences Better BUTTer with cloth, and Penaten with disposables or liners.

I have not yet tried Grovia's Magic Stick, but I've heard great things about it. Currently we use CJ's BUTTer, but would love to try grovia--we quite like Grovia's other products as well. :).

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