March 23, 2013

Saturday Project - Super simple craft for kids' rooms - Silhouette Art

My boys will never have a magazine-worthy bedroom, but I wanted to do something to make it look like I at least tried!

I decided to do a theme with the color orange and non-babyish safari animals.  While browsing Etsy for decorating ideas, I came across this:
Safari Nursery Wall Art Prints  - Teal Orange Africa Giraffe Elephant Rhino - Children Room Home Decor set of 4 8x10
I loved the simplicity, but not the $50 price tag.

After some thinking, this is what I could afford:

4 sheets of paper, 2 frames
It cost me a whopping $6.  I Googled for "african safari coloring pages" and found a couple of giraffes and lions that I really liked.

These I laid over the fancy paper and traced with a heavy hand so it would leave an imprint.  Then I cut them out with sharp scissors.  I trimmed my backgrounds to fit the frames, laid the animal silhouette on top, and glued it in place.  And voila...

8x10 Safari Art

~Heather  (owner of Cloth Diaper Outlet)  

All photos and text copyright 2013, CDO LLC