March 30, 2013

Saturday Project - Organize a small closet

I think my nesting instinct has kicked in as the birth of our 3rd child draws near.  I'm organizing everything!

One day this week, I tackled our linen closet/medicine cabinet.  Our closet is really small and never fits the things I want to put inside.  One thing in particular was medical-related items that are too big to fit into the small cabinet I have for meds.

I hit Pinterest for some ideas and found inspiration in this:
This clever person bought a shoe holder and cut it down to size for her bathroom cabinet.  I loved the idea!  I already use shoe holders in most of our closets to store game pieces, hats & gloves, etc.  Just one problem...THIS idea wouldn't fit in my narrow linen closet.  

I headed to the store to take a look at my favorite cheap shoe holders.  Sure enough, I could cut one in half lengthwise.  Perfect.  

For $6, this is what I have.  There are two more rows of shoe pouches that you don't see in the pic, so lots of extra storage without any fuss.  I simply trimmed right down the center between the two seams.  I still have half left that I can  use elsewhere.  I can put extra boxes of kid meds up high, and lower down put the safe items or things the kids are allowed to get themselves.  LOVE it!  

~Heather (owner Cloth Diaper Outlet)

All photos and text copyright 2013


i love this .. idea thank you for sharing.