March 14, 2013

Green YOUR Period with these reusable menstrual products!

Cloth diapering can open up the door to whole new world of reusable products. For me, it's been in the form of menstrual products. You know, those items you need each month. Once you get over the "ick" factor, you realize the reusable menstrual products on the market are more comfortable and they are better for your body! No harmful chemicals coming in contact with your sensitive body parts. There are a lot of great options available!

Menstrual Cups
These are a great alternative to tampons! You can choose the Diva Cup or a Lunette Cup. These cups are made of silicone and bends to fit inside your body. The cup catches and holds all the blood. When it's time to empty the cup, just dump out the contents and rinse! You'll save money because the cup is reusable and you'll keep harmful toxins out of your body.

Menstrual Pads

You use cloth diapers on your baby, so why not cloth pads for yourself? Once you make the switch to cloth menstrual pads, you'll never want to give the disposable kind another chance! They are much more comfortable. Try the Knickernappies Stackable Pads. This 3-1 system allows you to choose the absorbency based on your flow. We also stock the colorful Moonbow pads and Moonlite liners.

Have you made the switch to reusable menstrual products?