March 4, 2013

Getting Started: What do you need to cloth diaper?

It can be overwhelming once you decide to cloth diaper. When you have a baby, there are so many decisions to make on products to buy. With disposable diapers, you pretty much need two things: diapers and wipes. But what about with cloth? Here's a break down:

Diapers: You'll need a stash of about 18-24 diapers (depending on your baby's age and how often you plan to wash diapers). You can get away with less if you wash daily, but I would plan on about 10-12 diapers a day.

Wipes: Some cloth diapering parents still use disposable wipes, but it is really easy to use cloth! Just throw the dirty wipes in the diaper pail with your soiled diapers and wash them together. You can wet your wipes with water or use a wipes solution.

Diaper Pail or Wet Bag: You'll need a place to store your dirty diapers while at home. You can use a pail liner inside a bucket or trash can. Another solution is store them in a wet bag. Hanging wet bags are great because they can hang out of the way on a door knob.

Wet Bag: When you're away from home, you'll also need a place to store dirty diapers. A smaller wet bag that fits into your diaper bag is the perfect solution. Wet bags will contain smells and leaks until you can get home.

Diaper Cream: It's important to note that many mainstream diaper rash creams are not safe to use with cloth diapers. You'll want to choose a cream that is free of fish oils. There are many options for "cloth diaper safe" rash creams on the market.

Detergent: The laundry detergent you are already using on your family's laundry may not be cloth diaper safe. Check with the manufacturer of your diapers for a recommended detergent.

Diaper Sprayer: You'll need a way to dispose of the solid waste if your child is not exclusively breastfed. One of the easiest ways is to install a diaper sprayer. The waste will be sprayed into the toilet and then flushed away.


love this blog so far. just started following. thinking about starting to have children soon and cloth diapers seem great. i'm glad you posted about the different creams to use with them. i just started to blog myself about the fears and joys that come alone with starting a family. its