March 18, 2013

Ditch the disposables and switch to cloth wipes!

Cloth wipes seems to be one of the most intimidating accessories to many cloth diapering parents. Many parents cling to their disposable wipes and continue using them despite their love of cloth diapers. Cloth wipes are not as overwhelming as you may think! If you give them a chance, I guarantee you'll never look back! Here's a few FAQ questions about cloth wipes to get you started.

Do I have to spray the wipe after use?
This is a personal preference. I spray any wipe that has any large pieces of residue left behind. Many wipes go straight into the pail without spraying.

How many wipes do I need?
I recommend 1 wipe per diaper change for the amount of diapers you need in one wash cycle. So if you are washing every 2-3 days with 18-24 diapers in each load, you should have about 18-24 wipes.

How do I moisten the wipe?
You can use a pour over wipes solution (either homemade or store bought) or just water. You pour the solution over the wipes in a wipe container and they are ready to go for each use. An alternative is to use a spray bottle full of water or wipes solution. Just spray the dry wipe at each use.

How do I use cloth wipes on the go?
Same as you do at home! For the dry wipe/spray bottle users, just keep a bottle and some wipes in your diaper bag. If you prefer premoistened wipes, keep them in a wet bag in your diaper bag.

Once you make the switch, you'll find that cloth wipes make diaper changes a breeze! No need to separate your wipes from your diapers. No shredded disposable wipes found in your washing machine. And the best part is one cloth wipe easily does the job of 4 disposable wipes!

Do you already use cloth wipes or have you been considering making the switch?


I am thinking I would want to have an extra trash can or make an extra step by having to throw away the trash wipes. cant you just put the washable wipes in with the dirty diapers? I might use some wipes while out but I doubt it. It looks too easy to make and use the cloth ones!

I use cloth wipes 95% of the time, but occasionally grab for the disposables if I don't want to wait for the water to warm up at the sink or if we're out somewhere. I love cloth wipes and love that my sweet baby's bum is just being cleaned with water most of the time.

I did cloth wipes for a few days. I have the wipes warmer, solution and wonderful wipes.. But when I wipe my sons poopy bum and had all that poop on it (I didn't rinse them in toilet) they STUNK after wash. I could not get them to smell good for a while. I thought it was so gross to put poop (he's a toddler, BF poop I know won't be a problem when out little one comes) in the washer.

I've been trying to find a way that might work for us with the wipes. I really WANT to use them.. But I really don't want to swish in the toilet. So far disposable wipes work.

Can you really just put the solid poop in the washer? (We use liners in his diapers btw)

Sarah- If they are really bad, I spray them with my diaper sprayer before throwing in the pail.

I'll have to get a sprayer sometime. :)