February 13, 2013

Trophy Tuesday: Win a Wolbybug OS Diaper or save 15% when you buy this week!

Trophy Tuesday is here, again!

This week's giveaway features an affordable one size diaper!  The Wolbybug One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper is an affordable One Size diaper that's available exclusively at Cloth Diaper Outlet.
Each WolbyBug diaper is created and sold with your baby in mind.
  • Suedecloth against the skin keeps your baby dry and comfortable
  • Cute prints that are show-off worthy
  • "Like a glove" fit that actually fits under clothing
  • PUL outer keeps clothing and bed dry
  • Two inserts so you can easily customize absorbency so it's exactly right for your baby
Adjustable sizing fits from approximately 8 lbs to 35 lbs (actual fit will vary depending on baby's shape)

*Each includes 2 full-size microfiber inserts

Win It!  Enter to win and you could end up with ONE of these great pocket diapers in the print of your choice from available stock at Cloth Diaper Outlet!

Sale! Purchase any Wolbybug OS Diaper this week, during the Trophy Tuesday Giveaway and you'll save 15% off when you shop at Cloth Diaper Outlet!  

Enter to win via the Rafflecopter below.  Giveaway is open to the USA & Canada.
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I estimate I have about 35-40? This includes sized ones that my son isn't wearing yet.

I have 20 diapers! We are working on building our stash.

Not very many! I'm trying to win some so that I won't have to buy as many when my first baby is born! I have 5 so far.

Technically I own zero to eighteen, I have some in the mail :D

80? Split pretty evenly between AIOs, AI2s and fitteds to cater to my mood. (In all fairness I've never paid retail for a diaper!)

Not sure how to count this, as we have used mainly prefolds so far. Three dozen each in newborn, small, and medium sizes. Probably ten total covers (a few newborns, maybe five size ones, and probably only four size twos so far), plus four pocket diapers equals...a LOT!

About 50 but many of them are cheap Chinese diapers that are in awful condition, they were all I could afford when I started. So now I'm trying to upgrade my stash :)

I own maybe 15 diapers, although not all in great condition anymore due to such frequent washing. Hoping for a much larger stash with my next baby!

I have at least 30 but still need to add a few more

I have about 15. Trying to win some before baby #1 is born!

I have about forty, but twenty five of them are newborn sized for our little guy expected in March... I went a little overboard in the beginning, not realizing how fast he's going to probably grow :X

I have about 36 cloth diapers in my stash right now

Jamie H.

would love to win something like this. i'm trying out new diapers...well trying, i currently have 0 but i dont have the money to start up...so hopefully (fingers crossed!)

would love to win something like this. i'm trying out new diapers...well trying, i currently have 0 but i dont have the money to start up...so hopefully (fingers crossed!)

Breonna G.

I think it's close to 100 but that is for 2 children and includes my newborn stash.

~25 pockets/fitteds/AIOs (includes a few newborn sizes); 9 AI2 snap-in inserts in small and 3 large; around 12 prefolds in infant and standard sizes, each; and quite a few covers, different brands (and some newborn or size 1's that are about to be retired)

29; that includes prefolds, some newborn sizes, and one sizes.

20 or 30... i'm trying to not count them... i've won some and bought the rest at discount.

I think between 25-30 diapers.

I think about 50 for two kids

I have 2 in diapers, so around 40, not counting newborn diapers that don't fit anymore and a dozen prefolds.

I think I'm close to 50 if you count my night time diapers, prefolds and covers

I probably own 50 but that includes prefolds that are still too big for my daughter.

I am guessing around 50-60...all waiting on our next bundle of joy we have been TTC!

I would say about 20 OS diapers (pockets and AIOs) and 12 prefolds with 4 covers.

I'm just getting started! I have 4 now and am expecting 3 more in the mail!

I have tons of prefolds, but only about 12 fitteds, 4 pockets, and 1 AI2.

Right about 25. Sad because I'm not even pregnant. But at least I'm ready!

I have probably 40 diapers :)

amanda s
selenke at yahoo dot com

I have 62 prefolds of varying sizes and 4 medium covers. I plan to get more covers in the next few months before my little one arrives!

I don't have any yet! Trying to start a stash!

I'd estimate that I own about 10 at this point- I'm a newbie!

I own about 20 diapers but trying to grow mt stash.

I have enough for probably 30 changes, including overnight. But over half of them need replaced as the pul is shot. :(

Not nearly enough. Maybe 5....
masugr at yahoo dot com

I just started CDing. I have about 16 diapers. I have tried several brands, but Wolbybug is my favorite!

I have about 35-40 CD mostly fitted, some AIO, a couple pockets. Some of the CD my son hasn't grown into yet.

Probably 40 or more. We have 3 in cloth!

Not counting prefolds/inserts, probably around 40-50.

Not counting prefolds/inserts, probably around 40-50.