February 19, 2013

Trophy Tuesday: Win a Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter and save 15% this week!

This week's Trophy Tuesday Giveaway is a super affordable and popular modern cloth diaper, the Kawaii Goodnight Onesize Diaper for heavy wetters!

The Kawaii Cloth Diaper consists of two parts 
  • A Waterproof Outer Cover
  • 2 Microfiber Inserts
There is a pocket opening located in the inner layer to accommodate microfiber liners/inserts.  Once stuffed, it is just like an (AIO) All In One Diaper.  The pocket/cover itself can also be use as a diaper cover over your favorite prefold or fitted diapers.

The Kawaii Goodnight Diaper is considered an extra absorbent cloth diaper designed for confident nighttime usage. Each diaper comes with 2 XL microfiber Inserts.  Fit for babies from 8-36lbs. 
Features a 3-Layer Outer Cover + 2 XL Super Absorbent Inserts, specially designed for nighttime protection.

This week we're giving you a chance to win a Kawaii OS Goodnight Diaper in the color/print of your choice (from available stock).

There are many easy ways to enter via the Rafflecopter form below.  Click >MORE< to view the form below this post.

Win It!  Enter to win a Kawaii OS Goodnight Pocket Diaper with Snaps below.

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double-stuffed pockets, so far.

I double stuff my Kawaii Heavy Duty pockets and they work ok. I would love to try their Goodnight Heavy Wetter though.

I have two AIOs and two fitteds with Thirsties covers I use for overnight, and add one extra insert to each of those diapers - it's worked pretty well so far, but we occasionally have some dampness. I'd love to try the Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter.

I don;t have one for the moment...

Right now I am using fitted diapers and covers. I have some regular Kawaii diapers and love them and would love to try their nighttime diaper.

I need to figure out a good one for my little heavy wetter!

No solution as our little one is still on their way :) Doing lots of research though before he gets here on the subject

We're using flip covers with their stay dry insert and a doubler.

We thought we had one, but out little one is starting to leak again at night

we double stuff a kawaii, BG, RAR, or Blueberry :)

im still trying to figure out the best solution for night. applecheeks works nice, or anything with bamboo

Still working on a night time solution, trying different things.

I don't have one yet, so I guess I'd better read the other comments!

I haven't got to the cloth diapering yet :)

I use either a quad stuffed hemp fitted, or a quad stuffed homemade cotton fitted, with a wool cover. or i just got a kawaii goodnight diaper that ive used once, it was awesome little man woke up dry!

Hemp prefold stuffed in a pocket.

I do not have a night time solution yet ! but hear good things about kawaii ! I would like to try them out!

Prefolds at night, but looking for an easier solution.

BG 4.0 double stuffed with a Thirsties hemp/cotton insert and a Golden Bums bamboo insert.

I used a piddle poddles cadillac with an extra bamboo soaker laid inside.

I put two Baby Kicks hemp inserts into a BG 4.0. It works really well most nights.

Right now, Rumparooz pockets stuffed with both of the microfiber inserts that come with it.

I would like to switch to cloth diapers, do i dont have any experience with nighttime cloth diapering yet.

Right now we use a prefold and hemp babies little weeds with a flip cover over it.

I just received a Padded Patootie (WAHM) diaper. I have used it overnight on my 2 y.o. and it works like a charm.

don't have one at the moment- i'm just trying to learn everything and build up a stash for my little one in July

I use an AMP diaper with a hemp insert and a microfiber insert.

I use bum genius 4.0 with 2 inserts

I like to use wool covers over my prefolds and flats that are snappied.

I currently use Kawaii diapers at night and love them!

Right now, just using prefolds with doubler and cover for my newborn. Dream nightime solution is a great fitted and wool cover.

-Hannah Avery


I use a Kawaii GNHW with 2 MF inserts and a hemp babies doubler!

I use two microfiber inserts in an alva pocket. Works well for my average wetter for 12 hours!

I prefer fitteds and wool for nights, but this would be great for long car rights.

I used fitteds with a wool cover for dd.

Alva baby with babykicks inserts. It has leg gaps and is a disaster :'(

My girl is potty trained, only diapers at night, we usually use an Imagine pocket diaper.

I haven't started cloth diapering yet. I'm waiting for everything to come in the mail!

Currently I use a cloth diaper with 3 inserts, yet he pees through :/
masugr at yahoo dot com

I use Good Mamas under flip covers usually

I don't have one at the moment! We're working on it!

Right now, one is in disposables at night and the other uses one CBI and one MF insert in a pocket or cover.

We use a tri-fold, a hemp doubler and a fleece cover with a diaper cover.

Fitted with a charcoal doubler and a cover

I use a pocket diaper stuffed with hemp.

i love using fitteds, especially ones with an extra stuffing pocket like ecoposh one size fitted! i like to do wool covers on top of that or longies, but don't always bother with that as lo sleeps on a wool puddle pad too! :) thanks for the great giveaway!!

Still trying to figure out the perfect combo

Double stuffed pockets! Working good so far.

For my newborn I use hemp prefolds and a fleece liner to get through the night without a change.

I currently use a fitted diaper with a cover :)

I either use a fitted and cover or a swaddlebees simplex with an extra bamboo insert stuffed in.

I either use a fitted and a cover or a swaddlebees simplex with an extra bamboo insert stuffed in.

I either use a fitted diaper with a cover or swaddlebees fitted with an extra bamboo insert.

I either use a fitted diaper with a cover or swaddlebees fitted with an extra bamboo insert.

I either use a fitted diaper with a cover or swaddlebees fitted with an extra bamboo insert.

Don't have one. Currently doing disposables for night.

Dont have one. Baby due in may :)

We use BumGenius at night and triple stuff them

I use a Sbish and wool cover for my older son, but with my younger son (who is allergic to wool) I use the Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter! I love this diaper!

I use a Geffen hemp prefold with a Disana wool cover.