February 27, 2013

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Sturdy Snap Closures Make FuzziBunz the Hands-Down Cloth Diaper Winner! FuzziBunz cloth diapers are one of the most durable cloth diapers. This award-winning patented pocket diaper is made with sturdy snap closures, which are made to last and require absolutely no maintenance. FuzziBunz diapers have no Velcro, so they won't fray, collect lint or snag your baby's clothes. 

FuzziBunz come in a variety of sweet and fun colors and in sizes x-small, small, medium, large and petite toddler, so they fit snugly on your baby without the added bulk that comes with most one-size diapers. 

The inventor of FuzziBunz, Tereson Dupuy is also known as the Mother of the Modern Cloth Diaper, that's because her FuzziBunz diapers are the diapers that started it all.  FuzziBunz are quality made, durable, and by far, one of the best on the market.  You haven't officially cloth diapered until you've tried a FuzziBunz pocket diaper!

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I had a few friends who were already cloth diapering their babies, so I was at least aware of it by the time I got pregnant.

A couple of my friends used cloth on their kids before I was even close to having kids.
-patricia barnes-

I just stumbled upon bumgenius on the Target website and I was hooked.

My sister in law! I thought she was crazy at first, but I'm glad I talked to her!

A friend posted a blog with answers to all the questions I ever had and yet had never researched on my own, LOL! It opened the door and now I am obsessed!!

I learned about them from a friend.

From a friend. they mentioned how much they liked them when they found out we were pregnant.

I love the size small FuzziBunz I have, but sadly, my 4 month old is already outgrowing them!

I have a couple friends who cloth diaper, now I'm obsessed and trying to get every new mom in my family to cloth diaper too :)

I started searching for CD info online when my first was 2 weeks old w/ bad diaper rash. I'd heard about them briefly in passing while pregnant, but didn't want to put too much on my plate. I happen to have a local CD store, attended their free class & bought some prefolds that day!

I knew I wanted to cloth diaper and found out about modern cloth through my research :)

I mostly learned from online research but I did have a friend who used them on her baby too.

From a friend who was using FuzziBunz! Closely followed by a ton of internet research.

I discovered them through a search while looking for a greener alternative!

I learned about cloth diapers online... I can't remember exactly what piqued my interest or where I saw them first. I know that without the internet, I would have never known to cloth dipe!

I learned about them when my sister started cloth diapering her 2nd LO

A client was using them and I wasn't particularly interested, but later I saw more info on blogs and I think that's when I started paying attention.

I saw someone talking about them on an online pregnancy group I'm in.

I have a friend that introduced me to cloth diapers!

my best friend used them and i became obsessed.

Almost all of my friends use cloth so it's just natural that I do, too! Katy C. dragon _ at _ heart 04 @ hotmail . com

I'd been using prefolds from a diaper service for a long time. When I started doing diapers on my own I began to research and learned about all the different types of CDs that are now available.

My mother in law actually brought me an article she had found in a magazine

Many of my friends were already CDing their babies by the time I became pregnant, so I knew a little bit about the modern version. And there is one diaper service in my area, which we thought about using, until we found out that we are a bit too far for them! So I did a lot of research on my own and went to a local cloth diaper store, where the ladies were very helpful and I got to see a bunch of different kinds of diapers in person.

I stumbled on a blog post about it that sparked my interest when I was about 3 months pregnant. I did some more research and decided to give it a try.

I learned about cloth diapers on babycenter!

amalah.com - she got me hooked on the idea before I was even pregnant!

I've had great friends recommend this to me!

I learned through bloggers
masugr at yahoo dot com

I learned from reading a friends blog.

I was reading a friend's blog and she mentioned that she was using cloth. I instantly thought of diaper pins and folded material, but asked about how she liked it. She started mentioning brands, I started searching those brands... the rest is history! Not your mama's cloth diapers anymore!

I first learned about them when looking up information on trying to get rid of a rash my baby had. Found a local cloth diaper shop to help me start out

I knew other people that used them.

My mom had used cloth diapers so I wanted to as well. I probably googled cloth diapers and came across all of the new options.

My aunt sent me prefolds 9 year ago. So this year when i found out i was expecting i decided to look for prefolds and entered a whole new world :)

I first learned about modern cloth diapers from my neighbor - so different from the cloth diapers my mom used on me and my siblings growing up!

I learned about them from a non-profit organization that helped low-income families with cloth diapers. They provided us with our first CDs and now I am hooked!

I found modern cloth diapers a little over a year ago when I was looking for other training pants for my daughter other than gerber. Looking for the trainers online opened up the whole new word of cloth diapers. I was pregnant at the time and as soon as I seen them I new I would new use a disposable again

Found out about them thru a friend!

I had always wanted to try them, but didnt know enough. Before I was pregnant with my second a friend online used them, and then I found a friend just half a mile down the road that uses them. A lot can be said for word of mouth!

All of my friends used cloth diapers, so I learned from them.

I think I learned about modern cloth diapers first from a giveaway :-P

My mom bought my little brother prefolds just in case when he was a newborn.

i dont really remember but I had a friend tell me all about them once I became interested

My sister in law used fitted diapers.

I first leaned about the "modern" version on a blog: Young House Love.

I'm not too sure how I learned, I started looking into CD when I found out I was pregnant and I just did a lot of Googling at first!

The only diapers I had heard about were gDiapers, but that got me searching online. There are so many cloth diaper blogs with great content for those researching how to start.

I first read about modern cloth diapering through a post written by John and Sherri of Young House Love. http://www.younghouselove.com Their daughter was born a few months before my son, and I was interested but never took the plunge. When a friend offered me a few of her old pocket diapers (for FREE), I decided it was worth trying with my daughter. I'm LOVING it and trying to make the switch over completely by building my stash here and there.

From my sisters and through blog giveaways

I was cloth diapered myself, and then I had a friend who was cloth diapering who showed me how far we'd come since prefolds.

I was visiting a friend and had seen her stash and was amazed at how easy it was. I started building my stash and switched when my 3rd child was 4 months old.

I had family CDing their babies!

I recently discovered fuzzibunz and LOVE them!

I read about them on reddit!